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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #23 ~ 13 Ways You Know You're a Romance Author

Just in case you've ever "wondered" if you're a romance author, here are the telltale signs... :)

You know you're a romance author when:

1.) You go to only to check your sales ranking.

2.) You cuddle your book in print closer to your breast than you ever did your own newborn child.

3.) In the same vein, you fondle your book in print more than you fondle your DH.

4.) You begin thinking of your book as your "baby".

5.) If someone should dare badmouth your "baby", you come to its rescue like a rabid mother bear.

6.) You refer to your fictional characters as if they were real people.

7.) You check your publisher's website for *their* sales ranking of your book.

8.) You get emails from freaky fans asking to "talk" and "roleplay" with your fictional characters. (You scoff...)

9.) You scan the romance shelf at the bookstore and think, "I know her, and her, and HER, and oh man, she's a beeyotch. And her, and her...."

10.) You grin, because the blogs you frequent are also sacred haunts of Nora Roberts.

11.) You secretly wish she'll notice your greatness and ask to write an anthology with you.

12.) You publically and gracioiusly thank a reviewer who thought your book reeked of fromage, but in private, you break dishes, yell at the kids, and bite DH's head off.

And finally...

13.) You know you're a romance author when that royalty check comes in and it's more of a "reality check".

Are you a romance author? :)


Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall's New TV Shows

DH and I are giddy at the amount of awesome new shows we're hoping won't get canceled after they've sucked us in. In fact, this entire week is PREMIERE week, and DH joked that he should take the whole week off from work just to watch. :P

New shows we're going to take a chance on this fall:

CHUCK - Looks hilarious
LIFE - Loved the main guy from Band of Brothers, so we'll give this a shot
JOURNEY MAN - Looks like a glorified Quantum Leap, but who knows...
PUSHING DAISIES - can't go wrong with a macabre comedy about a guy who can kill you just by touching you.
BIONIC WOMAN - Never watched the original, but this could really be cool if they re-invent the series.
REAPER - A Dead Like Me wannabe, Reaper follows an ordinary guy with a sucky job of being a - you guessed it - Grim Reaper. We'll see how this does.

Shows we're dying to see premiere again:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - Is Starbuck a Cylon?!?
GREY'S ANATOMY - Mmm... McDreamy AND McHottie. Can't wait!
HEROES - Tonight, baby, YEAH!
HOUSE - Gotta love the cynical Greg Laurie
LOST - Not until next year, but dammit, I hate this show so much I love it.
THE OFFICE - Please let Jim get with Pam already! ACK!
SCRUBS - Cannot wait for the silliness to ensue
STARGATE ATLANTIS - Seen as how Atlantis now has Jewel Staite on their cast, this has turned into "must see TV" according to my hubby. :P Of course, I already knew that, because of Joe Flanigan.

And there you have it!

Oh, one more thing, if you watch EUREKA on Sci-Fi, MICHAEL SHANKS will be on this week's episode. Don't miss it THIS TUESDAY 9pm, Sci-Fi Channel!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

Do you watch the Discovery Channel? DH and I think the entire line of Discovery Channels are the shizzy. Every time we channel surf, 9 times out of 10, we stop on Discovery HD and just sit back in awe. Doesn't even matter what the heck we're watching, if it's in HD, it's AWESOME! lol

But I was struggling with who I was going to pick for my Hottie this week--that is until I turned on Discovery this very morning and watched a show called "Shark Tribe". It starred a man I literally couldn't take my eyes off of. The show was something about calling sharks to your kayak with just the sound of coconut shells, some secret of some tribe in Papau New Guinea... I really could have cared less what the show was about. I watched it simply because of this man. Who is he? Mr. Dave Salmoni.

Unfortunately, there aren't many good pictures of him online. He's a big cat trainer, and of course, due to my BEAST series, I'm totally intrigued. I guess the shark thing was something he was doing on the side. LOL But Dave has got a body to die for and a personality I wouldn't mind getting to know a little better. Heheh...

Those are probably the best pictures I could find of him, HOWEVER, he has a video blog on and you can see for yourself how smokin' this man really is. I will never change the channel when he's on because wow... I don't think I could rip my eyes away from the screen long enough to find the remote!

Here's the linky for his video blog:

Dave Salmoni's Video Diary

His shows on Discovery are called "Into the Lion's Den", "Shark Tribe", "Living with Tigers", and perhaps another few shark shows regarding the Great Whites of South Africa. Dude. If you don't watch Discovery, it's time you turn it on, girlfriend. Make sure Dave goes on your Tivo's "auto-record". Whew! You'll thank me later.

Congratulations, Dave Salmoni. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!


Friday, September 21, 2007



As I'm sure you all know by now, because I know you read this blog faithfully, me, DH, the kids, and all our real-life friends are Avatar: The Last Airbender geeks here in the Pacific Northwest. It is one of THE BEST anime shows on the planet. Why? Because it's anime written by Americans, so it's full of American humor and body language, and you never find yourself going "What?" because something was lost in translation.

Not to mention that the art is beautiful.

And the storyline kicks ass.

TONIGHT is the premiere of Book III: Fire on Nickelodeon. If you're an Airbender geek like me, you've probably got chills. Watch this teaser trailer and drool, my friends. Aang, Katara, Zuko, Sokka... It's like I'm going to visit old friends I haven't seen in forever. I can't WAIT!!!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #22 ~ 13 Items on My Desk

My DH frequently laments at the chaotic state of my desk. However, creative minds are usually chaotic, are they not? Have you ever seen a picture of Ray Bradbury's office? He can barely walk in there. I'd be willing to bet most writers find inspiration in their clutter. I know I do. ;) So here are some of the things I have scattered about my desk...

1.) A coffeemug filled with pens/pencils. I got this mug after I did an AM talk radio show right after my article in the Argus. It was surreal and awesome at the same time. The mug says, "I survived Don McCoun on Washington County Today". :P

2.) Two sets of stackable plastic shelves chock full of papers, paid bills, and various items. I hate filing. lol

3.) A box of 100 paperclips.

4.) A stapler.

5.) Two empty Caffeine Free Diet Coke cans.

6.) One Maleficent plushy (I got at Disney World)

7.) Two AA batteries. Are they good or bad? Who knows.

8.) The cordless phone.

9.) Watercolor paintings my children made for me yesterday.

10.) Lessons from the workbooks of my children's school-time books (I homeschool)

11.) A Gamecube CD of Mario Party 6.

12.) A porceline teddy bear statue dressed in her Sunday finery.

13.) A tiny, blown glass dragon.

I can literally go on and on... A pair of Black Hills gold earrings I can't wear because my ears have closed up. A plastic pencil box filled with my kids' crayons. Pair of scissors. A romance novel I thought was cheesy to say the least (how DID that author get pubbed by NY again and again...and AGAIN?!?) My author event dayplanner. CD cases. Stickers. D&D dice (one 20 sided, one 10 sided). Small notebook. My journal. My author stamps. A headband.

Now you know the chaos that is Becka's desk. LOL


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HEART OF GOLD is Now Out of Print

I have yet to take it off my website, but my Inspirational romance HEART OF GOLD has gone out of print at By Grace Publishing. This book was very special to me, because it taught me that I could write in any genre. It's an historical western Inspy, with plenty of talk about GOD and religiosity.

I got my start in Inspirationals, you know. They are slowly going out of print, however, since I decided to go 100% mainstream with my romance.

The question is, what should I do with this book? See if I can get it republished elsewhere? Shelve it? Offer it as a free read on my website?

Give me your opinion. What would YOU do with an out-of-print novel?


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hmm... Something's Missing...

Like last week's Hottie. :( I've been insanely busy lately, what with trying to keep up with Ciar's poll, not to mention edits, galleys, and manuscripts (oh my), I haven't even sent out my NEWSLETTER if you can believe that one. I finished it, honest I did, and saved it even. But then Dreamweaver went and crashed on me before I could upload it and when I opened the program again, the document was blank. *sobs*

Not to mention the edits on HEARTS UNBOUND has been grueling to say the least. It's kinda disheartening to see a book you think you did pretty good on and then have at least 20 comments PER PAGE from my editor. Thank Gawd it's only a novella. lol

On top of that, I have to read my print galley for THE WOLVERINE AND THE JEWEL and make sure there are no problems there, not to mention having to finish up NATURE OF THE B*E*A*S*T* (I only have about two chapters to go) and then write two more full books before the end of the year--yeah, I'm a tad overwhelmed.

I need to find a hole and get my sh*t together. :P Seriously, you might think this is a *good* problem to have with regards to being published and whatnot, but I think I overextended myself a wee bit. Now, I'm feeling the BURN.

And because I didn't give you a Hottie to drool over last week, here's some gratuitous eye candy for ya. :)


Monday, September 17, 2007

Becka's Blog Crusade

Okay, people, I'm starting a blog crusade. Let's see how many people I can get participating, here. I'm desperate to win Ciar Cullen's Best Summer eBook poll, and now, it's more for the sake of winning the damn thing rather than the free promo at this point. LOL It has become a VENDETTA.

First, it was against my good friends Cindy Green and MG Braden. A friendly sparring of votes. But then another author decided to come up from behind and steal my thunder! Not in Becka's house! :P

Therefore, I'm starting a Blog Crusade in asking each and every one of my friends who has a blog and would like to participate, to write a post to your blog regarding this poll and asking your readers to vote for Becka. The link is:

and the book in question is: PROMISE ME FOREVER by Rebecca Goings.

If you would like to participate, let me know via the comments section and I'll send you some signed swag. Even if you don't have a blog, wordpress, facebook, myspace, livejournal... I don't care what it is, just tell your readers to vote for Becka!

Because now, folks, I'm out to win and I ain't goin' down without a fight. Girlfriend will have to win over my kicking and screaming dead body. lol


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vote for Me in Ciar Cullen's Popularity Contest! :D

LOL My good friend Ciar Cullen is holding a contest for the Best Summer eBook. The prize is for her to buy and read the book and give it an honest review on her blog. My book, PROMISE ME FOREVER, is up for consideration, a book that was released in August, but got pushed to the back burner due to THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME's release in the same month. Poor, poor book. :P

In an effort to give PROMISE a bit more promo, I thought it would be a great idea to enter her contest and see what happens. I'm currently in the lead by ONE point. Anyone care to make it a bigger lead than that??

Here's the link you need to go to:

Choose PROMISE ME FOREVER by Rebecca Goings in the drop down menu and click Submit! I would love to have your vote, even if you haven't read the book. Maybe I can get a cool review off it if and a little lip service. Thanks, everyone!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ode to 9/11

How does one explain 9/11
to children aged 8 and 7?
How do we say
what happened that day
and honor those up in heaven?

My children will never understand
the hatred some have for this land
But I can say this much
our tenacity is such
that we'll face the terror hand in hand.

Planes taken over by bad men
crashing again and again...and again
Do not let them brag--
Go fly your flag,

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Crazy Weekend

This weekend started like any other, looking forward to geeking out Friday evening with a table of friends, playing Age of Worms, our D&D campaign. If you don't know what that is, it's probably best if I keep you in the dark. lol

Anyhow, so I'm just finishing up dinner, like literally pulling it out of the oven, when my kids come in from outside crying up a storm. Great, I think to myself. One of them either A.) fell on the rocks, B.) fell on the porch, or C.) got their feelings hurt by OH MY GAWD!!

I turn around to look, and my second daughter, Miriam, is holding a bloodied hand, literally dripping on the floor. Immediately, I pull her to the faucet to see what's going on, when she starts screaming as soon as the water touches her wound. I take a look at it.

Holy crap.

Her fingernail is crooked. She has a gash on the side of the tip of her finger that is DEEP and looks as if it goes down to her bone. Due to the crooked fingernail, I yell at my oldest daughter to get DH--I think her sister broke her finger.

DH comes upstairs and offers to take her to the urgent care, which is a little ways away, but the co-pay is significantly cheaper than the ER. Anyhow, after thanking him up and down (because I once spent half the night in the ER with our youngest daughter for Walking Pneumonia... No fun), we wrap her hand in paper towels and away they go.

By this time, I'm interrogating my kids. What happened?

Apparently, she got her right-hand pointer finger caught in the back door of our daylight basement. The kids are NOTORIOUS for slamming the darn thing--it's a heavy door, the thing slams like a meat locker. I've told them time and time again not to slam it, well, more like yelled at them time and time again. I was at the point where I was >< this close to locking the door and telling them to only go outside through the upstairs sliding door to our deck. I literally had that thought Friday afternoon. I should have acted on it.

So, in the meantime, DH is having a hell of a time. The urgent care we always go to is GONE. Disappeared. When the hell did that happen?!? Geebus, where is there another one? It's already like 7:45pm, and they're only open until 8pm. I quickly think of another one that is fairly close, and away he goes. He calls me a little while later saying the nurse took a look at Miriam (because she was crying and bleeding, despite the fact there were many people already in the waiting room) and went to get the physician. He says something to the effect of, "Yup, you need to go to the ER."

Mother fu#$*@%"!

Anyhow, he decides to go to St. Vincent's, which is farther away than our local ER, but has a better pediatrics section, according to the doc. So off they go--again. Poor Miriam, it's been like an hour and a half since she hurt herself and she still hasn't been seen by anyone.

But the ER at St. V's is PACKED. DH said they gave him a *pager* to wear, like you get in crowded restaurants. There was literally about 100 people in the waiting room. In order to get Miriam in sooner, DH decided to have her seen by the nurse practitioner, not the "doctor". Since we all know how ER's work, I'll spare you the gory details and tell you that my daughter did, in fact, break her finger. She cracked the tip of her bone and pulled out half of the cuticle on her fingernail. In fact, they told DH she almost severed her fingertip. If the door had slammed any harder... **shudder**

They stitched her up (which is a whole other story) and told us she needs to see a plastic surgeon on Monday. The reason being, I guess when you rip out your fingernail at the cuticle (the root) it doesn't quite grow back right, if at all. They didn't want to pull it out the rest of the way, because there was a good chance she might never have a fingernail left on that finger if they did--for the rest of her life. She's only 7, folks. The plastic surgeon will be able to tell me tomorrow what he thinks we should do. Worst case, she loses a nail, perhaps for life. Best case, she can keep her nail, but it might have a funky ridge on it.

And now, she'll have a cool scar to tell war stories with.

Aside from all this, she has a splint on her finger, Tylenol with Codeine, a medication to stop infection, and a great attitude. She's a real trooper. I think she must have a high tolerance for pain. Despite driving around half of Hillsboro and Beaverton, she wasn't crying and wailing the entire time, and really only cried when they stitched her.

The really sad thing is, she had asked me (before this all happened) when dinner was going to be ready because she said she was starving. Then, of course, she hurts herself right before dinner and rushes off, only to wait hours and hours for someone to get their butt in gear. DH stopped by Mickey D's on his way home, and she wolfed down her Happy Meal a little after midnight.


Poor little thing.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

Oh yeah, I found a GOOD hottie this week. DH and I were watching some videos on demand through Comcast, our cable company, and we came across this man. Who did I pick, you ask? Mr. Michael Buble.

Okay, so Last Name 101, if you've never heard of this guy, his last name is pronounced "Boo-Bley", not "Bubble". lol The poor guy has probably had to deal with that for his entire life. But dang, isn't he HAWT??

Michael is a singer, a crooner, reminiscent of the rat pack. And let me tell you, his looks ain't the only thing sexy about this man. His voice is to DIE for. It's perfect. Literally perfect. Well, in my opinion, anyway. His control and his range are so awesome, and his voice is very mellow and pleasing. The kind that raises the hair on the back of your neck. But not only that, Michael can reach a husky timbre that just makes your insides go all a-twitter.

If you've never heard him sing, then damn, you're missing out. Even my DH says Michael has the perfect voice. I would listen to this man sing the dictionary, the phone book, or hell, a Calculus textbook.

In honor of Mr. Buble, I have chosen one of my all time FAVORITE songs sung by him from You Tube. This song was made famous by Nina Simone, but I LOVE Michael's rendition. Even if you don't like the James Bond-esque video, just listen to the song. Turn up your speakers and revel in this man's voice.

Congratulations, Michael Buble. You are Becka's Hottie of the Week!


For My Friend Ciar Cullen - Her Newest Release, UNHOLY VOWS

My friend Ciar Cullen is away at a conference with NO INTERNET, and today is the day she's releasing a new book! I promised her I'd give her some face time on my blog, so here it is. Congrats on the new release, Ciar!


An erotica writer pens a tale of medieval lust and suspense to catch the interest of the man of her dreams.

With her New Age shop Raven’s Cave making money, Jennifer knows that she will be able to keep her beach home where she had lived with her ex-husband. But the victory feels hollow, the house no longer a home as a new divorcee. She secretly desires her ex’s younger foster brother, Shawn. With Shawn’s annual visit imminent, Jennifer doesn’t want to let her attraction to him become obvious.

Shawn has concealed his own deep feelings for her, as he thinks he is just a dull scientist and not worthy of her affection. But when he reads an erotic romance written by Jennifer, Shawn wonders if she has experienced or just fantasized about any of the sexual situations.

When Shawn finishes reading Jennifer’s story, he wonders if the character of Simon could possibly be based on him. He feels certain Jennifer doesn’t perceive him this way, but it would be his dream-come-true if she did care for him like Gwyneth cares for Simon. Will Shawn find the perfect words to express his true feelings for Jennifer when the opportunity arises?




Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21 - 13 Questions My Kids Ask

Late in coming, but dammit, it's still Thursday. :P Thirteen questions my kids frequently ask.

1.) Mommy?

2.) Mommy?

3.) Mommy?

4.) How do you know?

5.) What's for dinner?

6.) Can we have a snack?

7.) Can we go over to (insert friend's name here)'s house?

8.) Can I check the mail?

9.) Can we go to the park?

10.) Please?

11.) Can we watch a movie/cartoons?

12.) Can we go out to dinner?

13.) What's daddy doing?

:P There you go. Quick and dirty. Enjoy.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long Live the Library!

So I had my meeting with Dave Pauli today, the Head Reference Librarian for the Main Hillsboro Library in Shute Park up Brookwood Avenue near the airport (for you locals).

First of all, this is a brand new library, just recently built, and in fact, it had it's grand opening ceremony back in May, if I'm not mistaken. This library RULZ! Wow. Murals on the walls, cool-colored carpet, heck, even a little section where you can buy coffee and muffins and sit down to eat. Yuppie library, I suppose. But still awesome. :P

I walk through the door with my children in tow, thinking I guess I'll just go up to the front desk and ask for the guy. We didn't exactly make "plans" on how to meet. But before I can wander through the foyer, an older gentleman asks me, "Are you Rebecca?"

Musta been the kids. LOL I told him I had a pack of 'em.

So we go off into the children's section and sit in a large "reading room" where they have their story time for the children. It's got two glass walls and that's pretty much it, butted up against their storage closet. Dave reaches into the closet and pulls out two chairs to sit on. All righty. Except the chair he gives to me is some weird, retro '60's throwback with a rounded seat and back, resembling more of a "cup" than a "chair". I sit in it feeling like I'm going to slide out of it at any given moment. At one point, I sat up to adjust my position, and the chair makes this loud "Poah" sound.

Dear Gawd, I hope the guy knows that was the CHAIR. Honestly. It was!!!

Anyhow, to make a long story short, I'm going to do my presentation in April of 2008. He had the fall all booked up with "other" local authors (I should have asked him who). I actually chose April because my book THE WOLVERINE AND THE JEWEL will be in print by then (March 25, 2008, my anniversary! :D). That, and I know all three B*E*A*S*T* books will be in print by that time.

He's also talking about doing a book signing at the event (SCORE), however, it's a little hazy about whether *I* have to supply these book copies or if the library orders them. He kept telling me they'll "take care of me" for the presentation, that they'll have everything I'll need all ready to go, but he never specifically mentioned the library ordering the books directly. He did tell me that I'll have to take care of the payments, whether I want to accept only cash, or take checks, etc. He also said he'd have another librarian there to help me with that kind of thing.

One of the cool things he said was that they do some promo for the event, such as putting it in their newsletter a few times, as well as on event bookmarks and in the local paper (yay!). He said he couldn't guarantee there would be many people there, but I'm hoping a lot of you locals can make it. It will most likely be on a Sunday afternoon sometime in April of 2008. I'll let you know the exact date when I get it solidified.

Oh, and I got to sign their copies of THE B*E*A*S*T* WITHIN and ON EAGLE'S WINGS. They only had one copy of each. Their computer system said they had TWO copies of each of those *and* MISTLETOE MAGIC, my Christmas anthology, however, he only had two copies. Two out of six. That ain't bad. :P Of course, between being checked out and at the other library, I probably shouldn't "assume" they were all checked out. :)

I'm going to keep my eye out for THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE over there in the next few weeks, and if they don't get it in, I'll poke them to order it. Dave said they definately make an effort to support local authors, and I think that kicks ass. They bend over backward for them, it seems. He was a really nice guy, and I can't wait to do a signing/presentation there! It's only going to be about 1/2 an hour. I can yak for a 1/2 hour easy. :P

Awesome sauce.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Becka Should...

Okay, so I'm totally bored sitting at my dining room table on my lovely new LAPTOP!! :D I gotta blog about something. So, I cracked open Google and typed in "Becka should". Let's all have a chuckle.

1. Becka should call the instructors and explain the situation to them. (Hmm... I do have a font of untapped knowledge.)

2. Becka should be commended for bringing to the forefront an issue that needs to be discussed. (Yup, like Hotties and blatant promo.)

3. Becka should have found another way to raise awareness. (Damn, I knew I shoulda hired those cabana boys...)

4. Becka should be fired, on the spot. (What'd I do?!?)

5. Becka should come up some time and feast your eyes on my shit of a whole. (O.O Uh... omg)

6. Becka should be replaced with more Husker talk, but that's just me. (What the hell is a "Husker"? I'm assuming some strange college sports team. I dunno... ever see one of *those* movies about freaky college football towns?? How 'bout we NOT talk about the Huskers?)

7. Becka should come visit. (I totally should)

8. Becka should be commended for taking on the greed and fear mongering of the homebuilding industry. (Thank you, thank you, no autographs)

9. Becka should apologize. (Seriously, what the heck did I do? Okay, I apologize for not hiring those cabana boys...)

10. Becka should marry Leo the gardener. (Is he totally HAWT?? Eh, I'm already taken. Damn *sigh*)


Monday, September 03, 2007

Laptops are the Shizzy

I'm blogging today from my brand new (to me) laptop! DH brought one home from his work--one that no one had been using, and he gave it to me!! :D I luv my hubby. **ggg**

I used to have a laptop back in the day, but it kinda died... I loved that thing, because I could write in the kitchen if I wanted or anywhere else I so desired. But the problem with that laptop was that it didn't hold a charge in it's battery, so I had to be "tethered" as it were, to the wall. LOL

This bad boy has a working battery, and I'm beyond happy about that! :D Has writing long-hand in a notebook finally gone the way of the Dodo?? Man, I sure hope so! :D



Sunday, September 02, 2007

Traffic Jam!

Okay, folks, as you may or may not know, I've got Google Analytics on my blog, and I can see how much traffic is coming in and from what country, down to the city. Recently, within the past week, my blog traffic has skyrocketed.

I'm just curious... Where are y'all clicking through from? How did you hear about this blog? Post a comment and let me know! I'm always interested in knowing how people hear of me.

And as an aside, I was able to plunk out 3100 words last night on Wade's story, NATURE OF THE B*E*A*S*T*, a personal best for the past few weeks. I've been lucky to write a paragraph here and there lately. It was so awesome. I could have kept on going, but it was 2am and my eyes were about ready to fall out of my head. I hate it when I have to purposefully derail my muse. It's so hard to get back on track. I'm hoping to write a little more today. :) Yay!


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week Rewind

Okay, so I'm under a deadline, and I'm trying not to get distracted by picking a hottie, finding pics, and posting a blog this week. I've GOT TO STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!

Therefore, I've decided to give more face time to those Hotties I've mentioned who have been hot enough to have TWO weeks dedicated to them. Let's look back and remember...








I hope you had fun strolling down memory lane with some of the hottest men I've featured for my Hotties (well, in my opinion, anyway. :P)

Congratulations, Oded, Clive, Michael, Henry, Jay, Joaquin, & Keanu. You are worthy enough to be featured AGAIN on Becka's Hottie of the Week Rewind! :)