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Saturday, December 06, 2008

35 Weeks Pregnant and Miserable

Well, here I am, 35 weeks pregnant. If I don't go into labor on my own this month, my OB is going to induce me by January 3rd. My due date isn't until Jan. 10th, but due to my diabetes, the longer the fetus is inside me, the higher the risk of fetal demise. She mentioned the fact I take medication to control my blood sugar has something to do with it. Anyhow, the point is, I'm not going to be allowed to get to my due date, much less go beyond it.

However, that still doesn't comfort me.

I don't know if it's because I'm older now (It's been almost 6 years since my last pregnancy) or because I've simply "forgotten" what it was like. But holy moly, this is getting old.

DH says I complain during every pregnancy, and he's right. But I don't remember being quite this miserable. Sure, I had my fair share of aches and pains. In fact, my son's pregnancy was, perhaps, one of my hardest, considering he was Sunny Side Up. (If you don't know what that means, Google the term for babies.)

Also, my pregnancy with my second daughter was hard as well, considering I'd gotten pregnant a mere 5 months after I'd given birth to baby #1. I don't think my body had fully "recovered" from the first.

But now, with this baby, I have mad ligament pain. Getting up from lying down or even sitting is a major chore, and even then, I can only "limp-waddle" to get to where I need to go. I can feel my lower back and hips "popping" when I walk sometimes, no doubt my pelvis getting ready for business. It's almost impossible to lie on my back, even though it is simultaneously THE most comfortable AND the most uncomfortable position I can lie in. For my body, it takes away the stress of a hunched-over back and evens out my hips. But for the baby, it's like placing a watermelon on my belly. She literally sits on some nerve in there, making the left half of my face and scalp numb. Weird, eh? Not to mention the pressure she exerts on my colon. Not fun times, my friend.

I'm currently measuring 36 cm from pelvis to the top of my uterus, and I'm going in for my final ultrasound on December 15th. It will measure the baby's size to make sure I don't have Baby Kong in there. The doc seems to think she'll be normal weight seen as how my sugars have been doing good (aside from the occasional lapse when I eat rice or tortillas lol).

But Ho-lee-crap, she feels like a 15 pounder. I know in reality, she's probably 5 *maybe* 6-ish pounds right now, but wow, it feels like she's the size of Simone! (my petite 7 year old).

Braxton Hicks are getting stronger now, and in fact, it's just pissing me off when they stop. LOL I'll have one, then look at the clock hopefully wondering if labor is actually beginning! But alas, no such luck. I really don't want to give birth to a preemie, but at this point, I'm ready to trade those sleepless nights for these aches and pains. It's seriously so draining, that I'm constantly exhausted.

DH says, "Oh, you say this every time." Perhaps I do. But I don't think the man appreciates just how uncomfortable it is to carry this bowling ball in my gutsky day after day...



At 11:46 AM , Blogger Luann said...

Hang on, sweetie, you are nearly there. I'm sorry you are so miserable with all the aches, pains, contractions, and muscle cramps. You could always put a 10 pound bowling ball in a baby sling and have Jim wear it all day so he has a tad more empathy for how it really feels for you. Alas, men are men and they just don't have any physical experience to even come close to comparing to what pregnancy does to a woman's body, hormones, muscles, etc. You've been doing terrific, Becka. Once you have little Sophie Grace in your arms, the hardships and pains of this final month will fade. Just know that I love you lots, admire you greatly, and I'm ever so proud of you in so many ways! Mom

At 9:16 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Thanks, Mom. It's just so painful these days. Rolling over in bed, I can literally feel my pelvis rubbing and popping (eww, I know).

I have a doc appt. tomorrow, the first one where they will hook me up to the fetal monitors for 1/2 an hour to make sure the baby isn't in distress. Every appt. they ask if I have any pain. This hip/pelvis thing is actually a "new" thing since the baby dropped, so I'll be bringing it up then.

Sad thing is, because of my diabetes, I have to go in twice a week instead of once a week now like "normal" pregnant women. SIGH

Might as well set up a cot in the exam room. LOL


At 8:38 AM , Blogger jabug28 said...

I know JUST how you feel. I am 35 weeks pregnant myself and diabetic. I use the insulin pump. My first daughter was 11 lbs. 5 ozs. and this one is sure to be big as well the Dr. tells me. In fact a few weeks ago she was in the 80th percentile and OVER 5 lbs. already! He's guessing MAYBE 12 lbs. I'm due Feb. 10th but we are having a C~Section Feb. 4th. I'm soOoOo miserable at this point I can't bare it any longer. My hands are so numb that it never goes away now and they just turn over in bed at night hurts so bad I'm up for at least an hour after each turn....I get restless leg syndrom real bad as well and THAT keeps me up....Braxton Hicks that just won't quit get up and move off the couch is more than I can take and after just doing some light housework I'm in bed hurting so bad I'm sure I broke something. She's also getting so big I can't breathe and passout sometimes as well...OH and there's no more room in there so when I eat just a little bit {{prob. down to 1 meal a day now}} I get so full {{but still sooo hungry}} that I get sick...probably from her kicking me in the stomach or something I'm not sure lol. You are in my prayers hun and good luck to you and your baby!!

At 8:46 PM , Blogger Mandy P said...

Okay, so I'm late to the game, but I had to coment. LOVE what you've said! It's like you spoke my thoughts!=) I am 35 weeks pregnant today and feeling every week!! Now I have to go and read some of your more current posts to see how it all turned out! =) SO glad I stumnbled upon your blog.

At 6:48 PM , Blogger Desiree Johnson said...

im 35 weeks pregnant and im miserale and depressed. ive been 2cm dilated for 2 weeks baby head is down but thats the most action i'm getting. my doctor said they cant induce at least until 37 weeks or better. and this baby seems to be enjoying his life inside me. my hips hurts,back,cant sleep,im still spitting,nausea,vomitting,contractions but nothing steady


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