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Friday, April 20, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

This week's Hottie should come as no surprise to those who regularly read this blog. You all know I am a LOSTie. Yes, even tho the mysteries royally piss me off and DH is getting jaded, I still tune in every friggin' week. Mainly due to this man who plays Desmond on the show.

A hottie named Mr. Henry Ian Cusick.

I've mentioned this man before, probably on more than one occasion. I think he's one of the hottest men on LOST. Maybe it's that thick hair. Or it could be the accent. Perhaps the handsome, lopsided grin he gives from time to time. But I just can't help wanting more of Desmond.

This week's LOST episode *was* about Desmond, much to my delight. And that's why I chose him for my Hottie. "We love Desmond," I said to DH. "We do?" he answered. LOL For whatever reason, I like Mr. Cusick with the longer haired-scruffy look. He's still hot without his beard and his hair cut/pinned back, but there's something about the scruffage on this particular man that sets my heart all atwitter. Men like Sawyer on the show, while hot, would probably look a million times hotter GQ'd to the nines. But give me Henry down and dirty any day of the week.

There are certain men beards "work" for, and a beard totally works for Mr. Cusick. Wow. And I'm not overly fond of beards. I do love DH's beard (when he keeps it trimmed short, no ZZ Top beards in my house, please). The beard needs to work on the man. It works on my DH. It works on my brother-in-law. It works on Henry. Mmmm....

Did you know Henry played Jesus in a movie called "The Gospel of John"?

I can see it now: "Blessed are the meek, brother."


But in all seriousness, who wouldn't become a Christian if Christ looked like that? **crosses self** (Forgive me, Lord. :D) Now, I want to go find that movie and watch it. Hottest. Jesus. Evar. They have clips of it up on You Tube. You should go check it out.

This is going to be my last Hottie for a couple of weeks, since I'm going on vacation next week for 10 days (Disney World, YAY!!). So Desmond will just have to tide you over until next time. :)

Congratulations, Henry Ian Cusick. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!



At 12:10 PM , Blogger vlk40 said...

I know this post is older but I just discovered Lost and hubby and I are binging on it. I had never heard of HIC so I'm late to the party, but he sure gets my heart beating! Even now that he's older. But I sure love some scruffy Desmond <3. Even though Sawyer is so handsome, I'd choose Des in a heartbeat!


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