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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

I'm getting excited about Christmas, finally! We've got all our gift shopping done, everything is wrapped, now we're just waiting for DH's mom to get here. She was scheduled to fly in on Sunday, but due to the horrible record-breaking snow we've gotten lately, our airport has pretty much been shut down. So her flight was canceled. She was told there was another available flight out of Palm Springs, so they got their tickets transferred, drove the hour out there, only to find THAT flight had been canceled as well. :( So, they decided to drive, because they were NOT missing Christmas with the grandkids.

We've gotten about a foot and a half of snow so far, with more promised to come on Christmas Eve. Aside from the headache of poor Grandma trying her hardest to get to fricken' Portland, the snow hasn't been too bad for us to deal with. Thankfully, we live a few blocks from our grocery store, so if we do have to go out, it's not that far. Chains are required everywhere around here, and if you don't have all-wheel drive or studded snow tires, you'll get ticketed if you don't have chains.

You see, this is the heaviest snowfall we've gotten in 40 years, so Portland, OR is NOT as prepared as other places around the country might be. We have to truck in our snowplows, borrowing them from here or there. In fact, our local Target's parking lot was plowed by two backhoes because they had nothing else!

Another friend of ours had been stranded in Sacramento after going to a funeral, and as luck or Divine Providence would have it, my DH's mom just so happened to be going through Sacramento on her impromptu drive up. She was able to swing through and pick her up and they're going to be here later today. Thankfully, due to the CF that is their vacation traveling, DH's mom was able to get a few more days off of work so she doesn't have to turn right back around and go home after getting here. Hopefully, they'll still be in town for Sophie's birth!

We shall see...



At 10:42 PM , Blogger noel said...

getting excited for you. can't wait to see the new addition.


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