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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Becka Should...

Okay, so I'm totally bored sitting at my dining room table on my lovely new LAPTOP!! :D I gotta blog about something. So, I cracked open Google and typed in "Becka should". Let's all have a chuckle.

1. Becka should call the instructors and explain the situation to them. (Hmm... I do have a font of untapped knowledge.)

2. Becka should be commended for bringing to the forefront an issue that needs to be discussed. (Yup, like Hotties and blatant promo.)

3. Becka should have found another way to raise awareness. (Damn, I knew I shoulda hired those cabana boys...)

4. Becka should be fired, on the spot. (What'd I do?!?)

5. Becka should come up some time and feast your eyes on my shit of a whole. (O.O Uh... omg)

6. Becka should be replaced with more Husker talk, but that's just me. (What the hell is a "Husker"? I'm assuming some strange college sports team. I dunno... ever see one of *those* movies about freaky college football towns?? How 'bout we NOT talk about the Huskers?)

7. Becka should come visit. (I totally should)

8. Becka should be commended for taking on the greed and fear mongering of the homebuilding industry. (Thank you, thank you, no autographs)

9. Becka should apologize. (Seriously, what the heck did I do? Okay, I apologize for not hiring those cabana boys...)

10. Becka should marry Leo the gardener. (Is he totally HAWT?? Eh, I'm already taken. Damn *sigh*)



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