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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bee Movie

It's not even out and I already hate this movie.

If you haven't heard of it, you obviously don't watch NBC during Prime Time. I haven't seen one movie so heavily marketed in a LOOOONG time. It looks "cute", but all the annoying promo has me leery. I don't need to be reminded about it every 10 seconds, NBC.

I can't wait until the movie is out and the promo finally leaves me the heck alone. I'm surprised Jerry Seinfeld himself hasn't called me yet to make sure I've bought advanced tickets. Sheesh.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have found the Mother Lode of all wheat-grain bread loaves! And completely by accident, I assure you. The other day, I was shopping in Costco, and as we all know, the Costco in Hillsboro, OR is the biggest one in the US. :P Well, maybe YOU didn't know, but we in Oregon like to brag. Anyhow, what you SHOULD know is that Costco gives you a bajillion free samples of food on any given day.

So on the day in question, I was wandering down the cereal aisle and came across a lady making toast. I thought, "Hmm. Kinda hungry for toast." I grabbed a piece, took one bite, and immediately sprinted to the bread wall with the rest of the ravenous toast-loving shoppers. Dear Lord, this stuff is wonderful. And it's not even made with FLOUR!! I didn't know that was possible. What kind of bread is it?

Healthy Way Twenty Loaf

The "twenty" stands for the twenty grains they put in it. Now, don't get me wrong, I am SO the opposite of buying organic and healthy. Nine times out of ten, if something says it's organic, I go the other way - in part because Oregon (Portland in particular) is known for it's "granola-eating hippies" and I just cannot stand the whole organic kick 'round these parts. HOWEVER, this bread is da bomb biggety.

It's got kind of a nutty flavor and is perfect toasted with REAL butter - no margarine crap, folks **eyeballs crowd**. Buy real butter, you cheapy cheapertons, and partake in some yummy yumminess.

Now, I think Healthy Way is a Canadian bread maker. I'm not sure if you can get it if you're A.) not a Canadian and B.) don't live in Oregon/Washington. Perhaps you can order it off the website link above? I dunno. But if you find this bread in your local grocery, buy it. You won't be sorry (unless you hate wheat/organic/grain breads). I actually haven't had it for a sandwich yet, as I've only eaten it as toast for my breakfast, but I'm sure it would be wonderful. But I've learned one thing.

Now, every Costco shopping trip will include a few loaves of Healthy Way Twenty. :)


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Joaquin Phoenix!

Welcome to 33!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

Okay folks, I know I haven't had a Hottie in a few weeks, so this week, I'm not going to disappoint you again. This week's Hottie is a man I actually considered a few months ago, but ultimately lost to Hugh Jackman. Ever since, he's been flying right below my Hottie radar, that is, until I recently saw 3:10 to Yuma with a girlfriend of mine for my birthday. Who is this man? Mr. Christian Bale.

Now, Christian is my age. I've been watching his career since Empire of the Sun way back in the day. I love "growing up" with actors and watching where their career takes them. Christian has made some crazy choices in his movies, but there's one thing in common with them all: Christian shines no matter what he does.

But it goes way beyond just another pretty face. Christian has done his best to "hide" the fact that he's a damn fine-lookin' man. He's either dirty and gritty (3:10 to Yuma, Reign of Fire) or starved and emaciated (The Machinist) **never do that again, Christian, please...I'm begging you not only as a woman but as a mother. Eat a sammich!** OR, he could be the most yummy man to ever walk the face of the earth (Batman Begins, Equilibrium).

Now, Equilibrium is easily one of my FAVORITE Bale movies. If you haven't seen it, you *must* go rent it or put it in your Netflix queue. Becka's orders. It kind of has a "Matrix" feel to it, without all the computer downloading into your brain kinda stuff. lol But Christian is HAWT with those guns he wields. Mmm... Another favorite is Swing Kids, but that's because I LOVE swing music and swing dancing and wish I could cut a rug like the kids in that movie. Perhaps one day Christian can teach me? :P And then there's Treasure Island with Charlton Heston, one of the *best* Treasure Island movies ever made. The movie that you cannot find anywhere on DVD. **sobs**

And because I love cowboys, how could I close this post with anything other than Cowboy Christian? Heheh Congratulations, Christian Bale. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christian Hip-Hop

Okay folks, I'm going to go waaaaay out on a limb here to talk about something I ain't never yakked about before... Christian Hip-Hop. I LOVE IT!

So by now, it's no secret that I listen to Christian music. Frequent readers of this blog will remember HotW's that included Chris Tomlin and Michael W. Smith. Now, I have another new kick.

Let me tell you, this hit me by surprise, as I'm sure you've already guessed. I'm not a big fan of hip-hop in general. Sometimes the bass line drives me nuts or the melody is only four notes repeated over and over...and over--with some person singing lyrics that don't really go with that melody. In the past, I've liked Will Smith, but he's about it. However, he did a lot of rap, which I understand is a different genre. But I actually don't really know... Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Well, to start my little story, it all began with a movie called The Gospel. I rented it one evening because it looked like a cool Prodigal Son kinda movie. If you haven't seen it, it's about an African American family with strong roots in the church. Good GAWD it made me wanna be on a Southern Baptist choir, girlfriend! *snort* But the song that really caught my ... ear? was VICTORY by Yolanda Adams:

Wow, the girl can SANG! Love love love this song, and I even have it on my iPod and frequently belt out VICTORY while doing the dishes (and dancing, sadly) lol.

After I heard this song, I kinda lamented, because I love this kind of song, but have no idea where to start in the hip-hop Christian world to find more like it, because even the rest of Yolanda's songs doesn't sound like "that one."

Then the other day, I was listening to my local Christian radio station here in Portland, 104.1 The Fish, and they played a song by Mary Mary entitled SHACKLES (PRAISE YOU). Well hallelujah and pass the potato salad! A~N~O~T~H~E~R O~N~E!

As you may have already guessed, after hearing it ONCE on the radio, I immediately went on iTunes and bought the song, and it too now sits next to VICTORY on my iPod. Check it:

It might not sound like much on Amazon's crappy sampler thingy, but trust me, the song makes you want to go all Blues Brothers at Church! Praise the Lawd!


If you're looking for something "different" in your library of Christian music (and who isn't? :P) then check out these two songs. And PLEASE tell me of any other awesome Hallelujah Hip-Hop for Him. *GRIN*


Monday, October 22, 2007

Hit or Miss

Yeah, yeah, I haven't been around for awhile, missed two Hotties in a row without a word, blah blah, yadda yadda.

In other news, let's talk about TV shows that suck, TV shows that rule, and who I think is getting the ax this season.

First up to bat: Heroes. Hit. This show is very popular and I LOVE it. It's got a guaranteed third season, and it could be one of those shows that will continue on into perpetuity. Unless subsequent seasons begin to suck, meaning, they continue to bring more and more characters into the mix until you're in a "LOST"-esque WTF? moment.

And on that note: LOST. Hit. Yeah, it's still got it, even if it still PISSES ME OFF!! *ahem* The show won't be back until February *choke* but they promise to air it with no interruptions. I think we'll need a few more shows of recap, guys. Pretty please? Because those recap shows got me all giddy. /sarcasm They say LOST will only go on for 5 seasons. I'm "lost" in that I don't know what the hell season we're in. After this season airs and is done, I might not fricken' care anymore. My brain is already numb. I'm only gonna watch this one in February because I've invested so much of my life in it already. And then there's Desmond. We love the Desmond.

Next up: Journeyman. Hmm... iffy. I pick miss. DH and I record the show and have been watching it since the beginning, but it just doesn't have that UMF a TV show needs. It is one of those blah "take it or leave it" kinda shows. Okay, he goes back in time to save lives. Yay. Why? What? When? Who? How? Okay, so I assume they're going to 'tell us' over the course of the show. But if I've learned anything from Heroes and LOST, it's that drawing out the mystery SUX ASS and giving you the answers bam! bam! bam! KIX ASS. It's up to you to decide which show SUX or KIX I've referenced above.

Bionic Woman. Miss. Are you kidding me? Even Starbuck from Battlestar couldn't save the show. We watched the first one and took it off our DVR list to record. It's a stinker, through and through. Perhaps we didn't "give it a chance", but GACK, if they want me to sit through more than one episode, you gotta make me care about some rogue Bionic Woman who can Totally Kick Bionic Woman II's Buttsky. Personally, I wanted STARBUCK (or Sarah, whatever her name is in the show) to win the day. I hope she still does. Even Totally Hot Asian Guy couldn't save this one for me.

Life. Hit. LOVE it. Okay, okay, so I'm biased about Damian Lewis. If it were ANYONE ELSE in the role, I probably wouldn't like it. He MAKES the show for me. It doesn't offer anything new to the TV viewing public, aside from some guy who's trying to figure out who framed him (aren't we all?) while spewing some mystic drivel while solving cases unorthodoxly. Is that even a word? Anyway, I love this show and I'm hoping Damian's good vibes will save this one. It's replaced Prison Break for me. I don't watch that show any more. In fact, is it still on?

Chuck. OMG, Hit. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, and not even because Jayne from Firefly is in it. I love the humor, the over-the-top-ness, and wow, the main guy is an uber-hot-geek. I'm crossing my fingers that this one stays on the air. The opening credits need work, tho. Not so much a fan of those. But this one hits close to home because the Mr. and I are such Uber Geeks (echo echo) ourselves.

Pushing Daisies. HIT! Hit, hit, hit. If you like the weird and eccentric, you'll love this show. If you love all things Tim Burton, you'll love this show. I don't believe the man has anything to do with the show, but it's VERY much his kind of weird... weirdery. However, this one is so off the wall, that it will probably get canceled by the suits who don't understand a good thing when they see it. TV shows need a bit of the strange and macabre mixed with dark comedy. And dear Gawd, the episode where the big guy was knitting almost had me running to the toilet lest I pee my pants. This show is like a cross between Tim Burton and Lemony Snicket. It's one of those odd stories that as a writer, you kinda wished you'd thought of. Pray to the network gods this one doesn't go on the chopping block...

Yeah, that's about it for now. :) Anyone watch the same drivel I do?


Friday, October 19, 2007

Truthiness, Justice, and the AmeriCONE Way

Right *the frick* on!!


All you South Carolinians who read this blog, you know what to do...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Silhouette Desire

Next year, when things settle down and I have no looming books to finish, I'm going to kick back and try my hand at writing a Silhouette Desire for Harlequin. I feel like my "voice" is suited to category romance rather than single title, and now that I have experience and a fanbase, I think I can pull it off. Recently, I wrote my query letter and my synopsis, as well as a blurb for my Desire-hopeful.

I'm probably not going to send it in for awhile, perhaps after the holidays. I want to be sure to give myself enough time to finish the book if/when the editors at Harlequin request a full.

My mother asked me the other day on the phone why I don't write for Harlequin. I really didn't have an answer for her, other than they rejected some of my earlier work and I've been too dang busy as of late to write anything for New York. Now that I have some downtime coming (hopefully lol), I'm hoping to break into the Big Boys.

For one, to see if I can do it, and second, I truly believe I can write a book worthy of their line. I'm not trying to be pretentious, but I'm just saying I believe my voice is category. I have lamented in the past that I would never rise to the ranks of the single title authors I know. The main reason being, if I had to write a 150,000 word novel, I think I would keel over dead. :P I much prefer the 50-55K range, exactly the range of the Desires. And my plots are very category-esque, so I think I'd be a shoe-in.

Now, if I can only convince Melissa Jeglinski, head editor of Silhouette Desire, that I walk on water... Heheheh

Here's the blurb of the book in question, entitled (tentatively) THE TEXAN'S SWEET SURRENDER:

Wealthy cattle baron, Zane Tucker, is unwilling to become saddled with a gold-digging bride. After his father's untimely death, Zane reverts to what he does best; riding the range with his cattle. That is, until his housekeeper gets hurt and Zane has to tend to everything himself, unless he can get some help fast. He’s grateful when his brother Ian lends him his housekeeper--until Zane finds she’s the one who got away.

Bethany Greene has landed the perfect job, housekeeper for the Tuckers, the wealthiest family in Texas. But Beth gets more than she’s bargained for when Ian sends her to the main house to step in for an injured housekeeper. Beth comes face to face with the very man she kissed into oblivion at the Rancher’s Ball five years ago and memories of his sultry mouth fill her every thought.

Zane is sure Beth is after more than a mere job, more like his bank account. But when Ian moves in on Beth, wild mustangs couldn’t tear Zane away from claiming what’s rightfully his.


Does that sound like a Desire? I sure hope so. The synopsis I wrote is one of my best, so I'm crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes.... Say a few "lucky chickens" for me, mkay? :D I wanna be a Desire author! Let's hope one of these days, you'll see my name in your local grocery stores and Targets. Oh yeah, and those "bookstores". LOL


Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Vampire Oracle

I'm getting started on writing this bad boy. I'm pretty damned excited! My contribution is TOMB, so don't blink or you might miss my cover in the above video. :P Enjoy!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just in Time for Halloween...

Ravenous, Evil, Baby-Eating Creature from the Creepy Abbey

Get Your Monster Name


Thursday Thirteen #25 - 13 Things I Did to Become a Romance Author

I knew I wanted to be a writer ever since I was very young. I've actually been preparing myself for this all my life. Here are some of the things I did to acheive my goal. :)

1.) At the age of 7, I was bitten by the writing bug and wrote several original stories with colorful construction paper covers.

2.) I read many books voraciously as a child.

3.) I wrote many more short stories after reading my first romance at the age of 12, this time with romantic elements.

4.) I got heavily into poetry and filled notebooks with my own rhyming verses.

5.) I wrote a few short stories when I was 13 about a magical crystal, determined to get them published "someday". (Now, these stories are The Legends of Mynos).

6.) I passed my handwritten stories around to my classmates, my first fans, who threatened me upon pain of death if I didn't show up to school the next day with a new chapter. LOL

7.) I submitted a short story to a contest at school and won Honorable Mention. :)

8.) I took a typing class to learn the keyboard.

9.) I took Advanced Placement English and Creative Writing courses along with Psychology in order to learn more about the written word and human behaviors.

10.) I read many, many romances in order to get a feel for the voice, formula, pacing, point of view, etc.

11.) Participated in many writing exercises, short 1,000 word scenes that weren't part of a story, merely just part of a scenario you had to write about. Two of my books came from those writing exercises. ON EAGLE'S WINGS and UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE (in the Mistletoe Magic Anthology).

12.) I did a lot of research on many different publishers, submitting one book while writing another - never stopped writing, which is why I have such a large backlist nowadays.

13.) Even though I eventually got published, I have never assumed that I know it all, and therefore, I continue to learn about my craft on a daily basis. :)


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Well guess what? It really IS my birthday! :P On this day, October 9th, 1974... lol Yup, I'm not ashamed to say I'm 33 today. ACK. I remember thinking about my 30's as a kid and how OOLLDD that was. *snort* Now that I'm here, it's not so bad. Only 7 more years 'til 40. Now THAT will be weird. o.O

Don't forget I'm holding a week-long birthday party on my author loop, The Magic of Romance, at . And not just me, but my author friends are getting into the groove as well! I'm giving away all kinds of prizes, there's fun excerpts and all around yakking that's pretty darned fun. I think the first day of my Birthday Bash was smashing, if I do say so myself. :P

I hope to see YOU there sometime this week. If you're an author, come participate and join in the fun promo op. If you're a reader, then come on down and learn about some new and exciting authors. I'm running all kinds of contests, so you might be a winner! Woohoo!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

Now that I have a bunch of new shows that I'm watching this fall on TV, I have a new crop of men I'm watching (and drooling) over. :P Like this man, the man I chose for this week's Hottie. Of course, he's not entirely "new" to me. He's also on HBO's hit mini-series, Band of Brothers. Who is this man? Mr. Damian Lewis.

Now, if you haven't watched Band of Brothers, go rent it/netflix it/buy it right NOW!!! It's an EXCELLENT series that follows Easy Company of the 101st Airborne throughout WWII, and it is just amazing. This is where I first "met" Damian (who plays Major Richard Winters), and I must say, I never knew how red his hair was until recently.

Mr. Lewis stars in a new TV show called "Life" on NBC. It doesn't offer anything "new" to the viewing world, other than a quirky main character who's pretty darn likeable, and is actually one of the sexiest red-headed men I know.

True, Damian isn't the World's Hottest Man, but he has these mannerisms and coy grins that make your insides melt. I don't know what it is about him. Did you know he's British? Yup, just like Hugh Laurie, Damian puts on one hell of an American accent. Wow, is all I gotta say. In fact, his accent was so good, his CO-STARS on Band of Brothers didn't believe he was a Brit. Funny, eh? Like I've said once before, we love Britain.

Congratulations, Damian Lewis. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24 ~ 13 Romance Plots I Want to See More Of in EBooks

Okay, yeah, I'm a romance author, so you might be thinking if I want to see any of these plots come to fruition, I'll probably have to write them myself, of which I will laugh in your face and show you my current "works in progress" (or WIP) file. It's pretty long... I have no more time for anything new. LOL Maybe someday.

But aren't you tired of the same ol'? Here are some romance plots I want to see more of in eBooks:

1.) Unicorns in fantasy. Unicorns that are NOT shifters. Just give me a dang unicorn.

2.) Vikings. Where o' where have my Vikings gone?!

3.) Medievals. Good Lord, trying to find a Medieval romance in an eBook is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. (I tried to think of a different analogy, honestly I did.)

4.) Exotic locales. Give me some Egypt/Rome/Greece/Persia for crying out loud. Many thanks to Ciar Cullen for bringing me to Central America in Mayan Nights. :)

5.) A futuristic with NO aliens. Where are my "Firefly"-esque romances? (Westerns in space! Booyah!)

6.) Overweight/ugly/scarred hero/heroine. Seriously, folks, have any of you SEEN "The Enchanted Cottage?" If not, turn on your American Movie Classics channel and see if it's airing anytime soon. People such as this make for an interesting read, and yes, even a horribly scarred hero/heroine can be seriously sexy.

7.) Indians. Am I the only one these days writing about Indians/Native Americans in romance? I know there are a few other authors exploring this, but let me tell you, ON EAGLE'S WINGS remains one of my best sellers of all time. Is it the storyline? Or the fact that Eagle is one of only a scattered few Indian heroes in eBooks?

8.) Ghosts. With all the paranormal romances going on these days, you'd think the ol' haunted mansion ghost love story would have come into play by now. Where are they?

9.) Mystery romance. I'd love an "Agatha Christie meets Nora Roberts" type of story. Sure, there's romantic suspense these days, which may or may not have a mystery to solve, but I'm talking about the "old timey" Ms. Marple/Poirot kinda mysteries.

10.) Revolutionary/Colonial romance. My good friend Phyllis Campbell has written a Colonial romance, Pretend I'm Yours, which I've heard is an excellent read. Thank you, Phyllis! I've often wondered why there aren't that many romances in eBooks from this era, heck, in ANY format of book. I LOVE Colonial, as it's one of my favorite periods in history. I want more "Last of the Mohicans" type romances. :D

11.) High seas historicals. Yes, there are a few of these, but not enough. You'd think the whole "pirate mania" would have produced scads of pirate-y goodness, but eh, not really. Some, but not as much as say... shifter romances. And why does the ship captain have to be a pirate? What about some Horatio Hornblower heroes? Mmmm... Ioan Gruffudd...

12.) Canadian romance. Seriously, folks, I read one historical Canadian "western" with a Mountie for a hero and hot damn if I don't still remember that book to this day. Should we all be USA romance snobs? And in that same vein, what about Australian cowboy romances? Anyone remember The Man from Snowy River? *sighs dreamily*

13.) And last but not least, I'd LOVE to see some sheikhs in eBook romance. I know for a fact one is coming out this month from Samhain Publishing. WHEEEE!!! But ONE, folks? We're talking hot desert sands, sultry desert nights, and steamy, schwetty LUV. Oded Fehr, anyone? I've been pondering writing a sheikh romance for awhile now. I know of a few authors who write them for New York, but I'm thinkin' we need them in eBook as well. Of course, if I ever DO write any sheikhs, it would probably be in a world of my own creation, because I have some wild ideas for them that probably wouldn't gel with their history and religion. LOL

Anyone with me on my list of what I want to see more of in romance eBooks?!? :D


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What the Hell Did I Do to Deserve This?!? **sobs**

Okay, people, seriously. I must be getting old because I've never gotten so sick before consecutively in my life. I'm sicker than a dog right now. Full blown cold. I blamed our friend Kyle who came over sick last Friday, who I tried to stay away from, btw... Now I learned today that he has Walking Pneumonia. Poor, poor guy. But holy crap!

I hope this cold is all I get. Right now, my head feels like it's going to explode. I hope it doesn't -that would make quite the mess... My nose is stuffy and my eyes are watering, as if I'm forever on the verge of sneezing. What's that all about?

I thought I wouldn't get a good night's sleep last night, but I slept like a rock. In fact, the alarm went off this morning and I was like, "Really? It's morning already?"

The cold medicine I'm taking ain't doing shite. It's like Comtrex nasal congestion stuff... yeah, ain't workin'. Not even remotely.

I had to take my daughter to a consult with the orthodontist today (which is free in the state of Oregon) and I considered canceling, but she's only in the office like once a month or something crazy, so I decided to suck it up and go. Come to find out that yay! My daughter doesn't need braces... now. The orthodontist wants to see her back in a year to go from there, since dd's mouth isn't quite big enough to fit her adult teeth... Doc wants to see her when she grows a little bit and then talk about braces. **shudder**

Anyhow, so I'm thinking to myself that I'm already out... might as well go to Costco. I needed to go to the store, and despite the fact my DH will be on vacation Thursday and Friday, I decide to go. I knew I'd just keep putting it off, and while going to the store wasn't quite an epidemic yet, I didn't want it to become one.

Dear. God.

I came home, had the kids help me put away the groceries and COLLAPSED for about 2 1/2 hours this afternoon. Of course I was interrupted THREE times by kidlets wanting to go to so-in-so's house, someone fell and hurt their face, can I play outside... So I took my kids aside and told them to RESPECT my naptime! They never wake up their daddy...why do they wake me up? I have no idea. I told them to be quiet and said they could watch a movie, but they still managed to have the volume up to "ear bleed", however, I was too damn comfy/lazy/sick to get up and yell at them (because they wouldn't have heard me anyhow).

Despite all this, I did manage to get some sleep. But I haven't been this sick in awhile. Hearing that our friend has Walking Pneumonia does nothing to bolster my mood. I had that a couple of times. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Of course, the first time I got it, it was really bad because I just thought I had the flu and didn't see the doctor right away. Second time it was under control right away.

Pray I don't get it again. Thanks a lot, KYLE. lol

**crawling away to find my warm, soft bed**


Monday, October 01, 2007


Okay, okay, so you've seen my choice for last week's Hottie, Zachary Levi. Well, if you watch CHUCK at all, and if you watched tonight's episode, then you'll know that Chuck (spoiler)
was being tested by that doctor guy in the "home theater" of the Buy More store. When he saw the pictures of gov't secrets that are inside his head, he began rattling off the "secrets" encoded within the pictures, and one of the things he said was, "Oceanic flight 815, shot down by a...." and then they cut real fast to another "secret."

I caught this while watching the show, because Oceanic flight 815 is the airplane that crashed on the show LOST. :D Little bit of "geek" trivia there. DH and I thought it was awesome that they wrote that in... But the plane was shot down? Hmm... Perhaps that brings in a cute little nugget of the LOST mystery we don't know about. And all this time, we thought it was a massive Electro Magnetic Pulse... LOL

Just thought I would point out the cool cross-show mojo goin' on NBC right now. :P



Spread the word! Feel free to copy the above pic and post to your blogs if you're so inclined. EVERY AUTHOR I KNOW is invited to come and play the entire week of my birthday. My birthday is Oct. 9th, and I'll be giving away mystery wrapped birthday presents to one random person on my loop each day. It will be a BLAST!! :D



Becka's Hottie of the (Past) Week

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I couldn't post to my blog this weekend. Well, I could have on Saturday, but I opted to finish reading my print galley for THE WOLVERINE AND THE JEWEL, which will be coming to print March 25, 2008 (my wedding anniversary!). Anyhow, I did want to say that I have picked a Hottie (for last week), and let me tell ya, this guy is HAWT!!

If you haven't watched CHUCK, one of the new shows this fall, you're missing out. Well, if you're a geek (or nerd) and appreciate tongue-in-cheek action flicks. The main character is quite the nerd, but he was so dang cute! I decided to look him up online and my thoughts were confirmed. They make him look geeky for the show, but this man is smokin'! Who is he? Mr. Zachary Levi.

First glance of him as Chuck and you might think, "Eh, Becka likes those nerdy types." Well, to prove that haircut/clothing/stubble make the man, here's another more "worthy" picture of him:

Now, there are some awesome pictures of Zachary on IMDB, but alas, I could not steal them, as much as I wanted to. LOL But aside from the fact that his last name is my son's first name, that is not why I like this guy.

He's just so...likeable. His smile is like "the sun breaking through the clouds". :P It's really expressive, and he seems like such a nice guy. Of course, I don't know him from Adam, so he could be a total asshat for all I know. *snort*

But I will continue to watch CHUCK (it's on tonight!!) and drool. Congratulations, Zachary Levi, you're Becka's Hottie of the (Past) Week!