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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21 - 13 Questions My Kids Ask

Late in coming, but dammit, it's still Thursday. :P Thirteen questions my kids frequently ask.

1.) Mommy?

2.) Mommy?

3.) Mommy?

4.) How do you know?

5.) What's for dinner?

6.) Can we have a snack?

7.) Can we go over to (insert friend's name here)'s house?

8.) Can I check the mail?

9.) Can we go to the park?

10.) Please?

11.) Can we watch a movie/cartoons?

12.) Can we go out to dinner?

13.) What's daddy doing?

:P There you go. Quick and dirty. Enjoy.



At 7:31 PM , Anonymous Pat J said...

Sounds like my nephews...

At 8:28 PM , Blogger Sniz said...

Hi Becka, It's only 11:22 here in Indiana and the Colts are winning the game against the New Orleans Saints. I almost feel guilty rooting against New Orleans after what they've been through, but hey, I'm an Indiana girl. I pretend to get into the games as much as my husband, just like he pretends to love my scrapbooking pages. :-) Anyway, with three young kids, boy do I relate to your TT! But my all time favorite that I hear umpteen times per day is "I didn't do it," or when I say, put that away, they reply, "I didn't get it out!"

At 4:10 AM , Blogger Adelle said...

You forgot the all important, "Why?" lol
Happy T13!


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