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Friday, December 12, 2008

This One Goes to Eleven

If you've heard the phrase above, the title to this post, but don't know where it comes from, here is the classic scene from Spinal Tap that will familiarize you with this particular piece of pop culture.

You see, I've posted this funny vid because I've been complaining lately. Complaining about my pain level ever since Sophie dropped. Sure, I've had to waddle around, but it's just been within the past couple of days that my pain level has gone "up to 11".

Usually in my OB visits, they ask me if I'm having any pain and I've been telling them my pelvic pain is about an 8 at it's worst, which is usually at night. When I get up to go to the bathroom or roll over in bed it's the worst. But during the day, it's more annoying than anything, probably a 4 or 5.

Well, Thursday, I went in to the doctor for my twice-weekly baby monitor check-up (where they hook me up to the monitor that records baby's heartbeat for about 20 minutes) and my regular doc wasn't in, she was at a conference in Las Vegas. Okay, my appointment was with another doctor, but SHE was out due to one of her own patients who'd gone into labor that day. So I was seen by yet another doctor, who seemed to be swamped with everyone else's patients that day. Instead of 20 min. on the monitor, I think I spent closer to 40. But, I understood, so I didn't complain.

She goes to help me up, and I don't get up some weird way, I'm not flailing about, she holds on to me, but still, I feel this sharp-ass pain in my belly, like almost bringing me to tears. But, the baby seems fine, she's still rolling around in there, all seems well. Maybe I'd just squished something.

Ever since then, my pelvic pain has been almost unbearable. Sitting down, I'm completely fine. But the moment I stand up, my entire right side screams at me. My right hip feels like it's threatening to dislocate whenever I walk. Just lifting my legs is excruciating, whether it's climbing a staircase or getting into a car. Moving my leg from the gas to the brake is also painful. Hence, the 11 rating of which I spoke.

Of course I hobble around all day today, even going to our local Freddy's because I desperately needed some things at the store. By the time I get home, I'm in serious pain. By this time, it's about a quarter to 5pm on Friday evening, but I still decide to call the doc just in case she might be there. Nope, everyone's gone home except for the poor lady stuck answering the phones. She suggests scheduling an appointment with the doc on Monday and if my pain gets worse, to go to the Urgent Care or the ER.

Well, I already HAVE an appointment on Monday at 10:15am due to my monitor tests, but my doc always told me to call if I had concerns... Guess that doesn't include almost 5pm on Friday evenings. Dammit.

So, it seems as if I have to wait out the weekend and take things easy until I can go in and see the doc on Monday. Monday is also the date of my final ultrasound. Perhaps they can figure out if the baby has an arm or a shoulder wedged into my pelvis along with her GIANT FREAKIN' NOGGIN!!! lol

DH doesn't believe me when I say she's enormous in there. "You say that with every one," he poo-poos. I dunno. I think I've got an elephant growing in there. Iii-yii-yii.



At 9:26 PM , Blogger Becka said...

You know what it feels like? When the pain is really bad, it feels like I'm walking on a fractured hip. My pelvis hurts too and sometimes pops when I roll over in bed or walk, but my right hip especially has a shooting pain whenever I put weight on it.

Obviously I don't think my bone is fractured, but that's just what it feels like.

And I oughta know - I walked on a fractured ankle when I was in high school. Dumb, I know.



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