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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hmm... Something's Missing...

Like last week's Hottie. :( I've been insanely busy lately, what with trying to keep up with Ciar's poll, not to mention edits, galleys, and manuscripts (oh my), I haven't even sent out my NEWSLETTER if you can believe that one. I finished it, honest I did, and saved it even. But then Dreamweaver went and crashed on me before I could upload it and when I opened the program again, the document was blank. *sobs*

Not to mention the edits on HEARTS UNBOUND has been grueling to say the least. It's kinda disheartening to see a book you think you did pretty good on and then have at least 20 comments PER PAGE from my editor. Thank Gawd it's only a novella. lol

On top of that, I have to read my print galley for THE WOLVERINE AND THE JEWEL and make sure there are no problems there, not to mention having to finish up NATURE OF THE B*E*A*S*T* (I only have about two chapters to go) and then write two more full books before the end of the year--yeah, I'm a tad overwhelmed.

I need to find a hole and get my sh*t together. :P Seriously, you might think this is a *good* problem to have with regards to being published and whatnot, but I think I overextended myself a wee bit. Now, I'm feeling the BURN.

And because I didn't give you a Hottie to drool over last week, here's some gratuitous eye candy for ya. :)



At 5:39 PM , Blogger Jennifer McK said...

You'd better take it easy. And I can relate about the edits. I'm in edit hell right now.
Yeah, 20 per page. That's about what I have and it IS brutal.


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