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Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall's New TV Shows

DH and I are giddy at the amount of awesome new shows we're hoping won't get canceled after they've sucked us in. In fact, this entire week is PREMIERE week, and DH joked that he should take the whole week off from work just to watch. :P

New shows we're going to take a chance on this fall:

CHUCK - Looks hilarious
LIFE - Loved the main guy from Band of Brothers, so we'll give this a shot
JOURNEY MAN - Looks like a glorified Quantum Leap, but who knows...
PUSHING DAISIES - can't go wrong with a macabre comedy about a guy who can kill you just by touching you.
BIONIC WOMAN - Never watched the original, but this could really be cool if they re-invent the series.
REAPER - A Dead Like Me wannabe, Reaper follows an ordinary guy with a sucky job of being a - you guessed it - Grim Reaper. We'll see how this does.

Shows we're dying to see premiere again:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - Is Starbuck a Cylon?!?
GREY'S ANATOMY - Mmm... McDreamy AND McHottie. Can't wait!
HEROES - Tonight, baby, YEAH!
HOUSE - Gotta love the cynical Greg Laurie
LOST - Not until next year, but dammit, I hate this show so much I love it.
THE OFFICE - Please let Jim get with Pam already! ACK!
SCRUBS - Cannot wait for the silliness to ensue
STARGATE ATLANTIS - Seen as how Atlantis now has Jewel Staite on their cast, this has turned into "must see TV" according to my hubby. :P Of course, I already knew that, because of Joe Flanigan.

And there you have it!

Oh, one more thing, if you watch EUREKA on Sci-Fi, MICHAEL SHANKS will be on this week's episode. Don't miss it THIS TUESDAY 9pm, Sci-Fi Channel!



At 8:18 AM , Blogger Becka said...

Okay, so CHUCK totally ruled. DH and I got a kick out of it, mainly because we're both Uber Geeks (echo echo) and totally related to the main character. LOL There was plenty of action, not to mention Adam Baldwin, Jayne from Firefly, which was a BONUS!! :D It actually seemed more like a movie with their action sequences and wide-angle shots. We'll definately be tuning in next week.

And YAY! Heroes is back! I'm totally jazzed about that. I won't post any spoilers, just know I really really enjoyed the show. We recorded Journey Man last night, but didn't watch it. Perhaps we'll watch it this evening. :)


At 10:36 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Jury's still out on Journeyman. No explanation about why he jumps through time, although, they hint that there will be. The show could be cool, I suppose, if he uses his power and can perhaps hone them and use them at will (like a super power), however, I think the point of the show is the randomness of the jumping. We'll see where it goes. Staying power? Hard to say yet. This one might get cancelled.

House's premiere was awesome as always. I wish I could be so witty on the fly. :P Ending sucked (but in a good "House" way). Not because the storyline sucked, but because you're watching and think to yourself, "Oh GAWD, that SUCKS!" lol Plot point, people, not show sucking.

We're saving the Michael Shanks hottie goodness on Eureka for another day. :) If you've seen it, ZIPPIDEEDOODAH!!!


At 8:52 AM , Blogger Lorelei said...

hey, where's your Thursday 13, woman?


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