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Friday, December 19, 2008

37 Weeks and Feeling Better

Despite all the pain I've been having recently, I'm finally feeling a little better. The sharp pains in my pelvis come and go, which is a good thing, since the other weekend I was in Deep Hurting. My doctor said it could be the position of the baby, with either a shoulder or an arm dropping down and pressing on things, since sometimes sitting for a few minutes will "fix" the problem.

Rolling over in bed is nigh impossible, comparable to a three-point turn, and is a maneuver that wakes me up every time. Therefore, I spend most of the night on my right side, which means that whole side gets numb by the time I wake up to use the bathroom. When I go back to bed, I try to lay on my left side, but DH says I snore when I lay on that side (LOL) and lying on my back is both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. So I can't lie on my back for longer than a few minutes, which means it's back to my numb side for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, I'm pretty tired by morning.

I've been going in twice a week for my non-stress test, and so far, the baby has been moving just like she should, with a perfect heart rate. In fact, this next week, I only had one appointment on Monday and the doctor asked me to make another appt. for Christmas Eve at the hospital since no one would be at the office. *SIGH* So I go in to the actual birth center where I will be giving birth to have my second non-stress test of the week. Might have to do the same thing on New Year's Eve as well, assuming baby Sophie decides to stay cooking in there.

I think she will. All my babies have gone to term. Only one of them was 11 days early. We shall see, I suppose.

My good friend Karen, who is also just as far along as I am with her second child, is actually in the hospital right now due to labor complications. She'd been scheduled to have a c-section on Jan. 4th, but the baby has had different ideas, flipping around to be breech on top of making Karen go in and out of false labor. She's 3 cm dialated, and I guess her amniotic sac is bulging a bit, so they've moved up her c-section date to this Sunday. So she'll have her baby in two days.

My other good friend Val is also pregnant, with a c-section scheduled for her on Dec. 30th. Even though we all got pregnant at or around the same time, I'm going to be the last of the bunch, trailing both of them with an induction on Jan. 3rd. Nope, not jealous at all. Lalalalalala, I can't hear you! :P

My baby is right on schedule with her growth, weighing in at about 6 lbs. By the time she's born, she should be just over 7 lbs., as babies gain 1/2 a pound a week in their final weeks. Even though I'm the last to have my baby out of our circle of friends (assuming I don't go into labor before-hand), Jan. 3rd is only 15 days away. JUST over 2 weeks.

It's seriously not long now!



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