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Friday, September 07, 2007

For My Friend Ciar Cullen - Her Newest Release, UNHOLY VOWS

My friend Ciar Cullen is away at a conference with NO INTERNET, and today is the day she's releasing a new book! I promised her I'd give her some face time on my blog, so here it is. Congrats on the new release, Ciar!


An erotica writer pens a tale of medieval lust and suspense to catch the interest of the man of her dreams.

With her New Age shop Raven’s Cave making money, Jennifer knows that she will be able to keep her beach home where she had lived with her ex-husband. But the victory feels hollow, the house no longer a home as a new divorcee. She secretly desires her ex’s younger foster brother, Shawn. With Shawn’s annual visit imminent, Jennifer doesn’t want to let her attraction to him become obvious.

Shawn has concealed his own deep feelings for her, as he thinks he is just a dull scientist and not worthy of her affection. But when he reads an erotic romance written by Jennifer, Shawn wonders if she has experienced or just fantasized about any of the sexual situations.

When Shawn finishes reading Jennifer’s story, he wonders if the character of Simon could possibly be based on him. He feels certain Jennifer doesn’t perceive him this way, but it would be his dream-come-true if she did care for him like Gwyneth cares for Simon. Will Shawn find the perfect words to express his true feelings for Jennifer when the opportunity arises?





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