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Friday, March 23, 2007

Becka's Hottie of the Week

This week's hottie is a man who never fails to get my heart racing, even if he's in a crappy movie. :P It's no secret I love this man, and have used him as the "model" on not one, but TWO of my romance heroes. (Hey, they were twins! Laith Moreland and Jareth Moreland) But he's got such a beautiful smile, it's hard not to swoon. It literally lights up his entire face. That man is Mr. Hugh Jackman.

DH and I watched The Prestige this week where Hugh and Christian Bale are competing magicians. The movie itself is dark and twisted. In fact, I almost picked Christian as my hottie. But truth be told, I think Hugh is hotter. LOL

I can't remember the first time I saw Hugh, but I'm sure I was probably speechless for awhile. LOL I loved him in Kate and Leopold, basically a romance novel come to life. Didn't like him too much in that movie with the tree of life... I can't remember the name of it right now... The Fountain. That's it. I thought it looked really good by the previews, but it wasn't. :( However, it was worth a watch for Hugh. LOL Not so sure the bald look is for him. Heheheh...

According to IMDB, Hugh is Australian, born in Sydney. I did not know that. I'd assumed he was British. Shows you what I know. LOL But that doesn't detract from the fact that he's a damn fine-looking man. I wonder if he'd put on the thick Aussie accent for me. :P I've got a penchant for men with accents.

Hugh also seems to be a favorite with romance authors. I've seen his likeness circulated in the...circles I'm a part of. And why not? He seems like such a down-to-earth nice guy. It would be great to chat with him, if only for a few minutes. Why? Well, because he might actually smile, and then my life would be complete. LOL

Congratulations, Hugh Jackman. You're Becka's Hottie of the Week!



At 10:59 AM , Blogger Becka said...

You know what's funny? DH and I were watching Scrubs the other day and Dr. Cox, the cynical crazy doctor on the show, lists all the things that are "wrong" with the world. And in that long-winded diatribe, he mentioned "Hugh Jackman". LOL

I couldn't stop laughing.

Not because I agree, but simply for the fact that it came right out of left field and has nothing to do with anything. :P

Dr. Cox has mentioned his "hatred" of Hugh in other episodes, but it had been so long since I'd heard him say it, that hearing it again in a string of things wrong with the world just tickled my funny bone.




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