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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24 ~ 13 Romance Plots I Want to See More Of in EBooks

Okay, yeah, I'm a romance author, so you might be thinking if I want to see any of these plots come to fruition, I'll probably have to write them myself, of which I will laugh in your face and show you my current "works in progress" (or WIP) file. It's pretty long... I have no more time for anything new. LOL Maybe someday.

But aren't you tired of the same ol'? Here are some romance plots I want to see more of in eBooks:

1.) Unicorns in fantasy. Unicorns that are NOT shifters. Just give me a dang unicorn.

2.) Vikings. Where o' where have my Vikings gone?!

3.) Medievals. Good Lord, trying to find a Medieval romance in an eBook is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. (I tried to think of a different analogy, honestly I did.)

4.) Exotic locales. Give me some Egypt/Rome/Greece/Persia for crying out loud. Many thanks to Ciar Cullen for bringing me to Central America in Mayan Nights. :)

5.) A futuristic with NO aliens. Where are my "Firefly"-esque romances? (Westerns in space! Booyah!)

6.) Overweight/ugly/scarred hero/heroine. Seriously, folks, have any of you SEEN "The Enchanted Cottage?" If not, turn on your American Movie Classics channel and see if it's airing anytime soon. People such as this make for an interesting read, and yes, even a horribly scarred hero/heroine can be seriously sexy.

7.) Indians. Am I the only one these days writing about Indians/Native Americans in romance? I know there are a few other authors exploring this, but let me tell you, ON EAGLE'S WINGS remains one of my best sellers of all time. Is it the storyline? Or the fact that Eagle is one of only a scattered few Indian heroes in eBooks?

8.) Ghosts. With all the paranormal romances going on these days, you'd think the ol' haunted mansion ghost love story would have come into play by now. Where are they?

9.) Mystery romance. I'd love an "Agatha Christie meets Nora Roberts" type of story. Sure, there's romantic suspense these days, which may or may not have a mystery to solve, but I'm talking about the "old timey" Ms. Marple/Poirot kinda mysteries.

10.) Revolutionary/Colonial romance. My good friend Phyllis Campbell has written a Colonial romance, Pretend I'm Yours, which I've heard is an excellent read. Thank you, Phyllis! I've often wondered why there aren't that many romances in eBooks from this era, heck, in ANY format of book. I LOVE Colonial, as it's one of my favorite periods in history. I want more "Last of the Mohicans" type romances. :D

11.) High seas historicals. Yes, there are a few of these, but not enough. You'd think the whole "pirate mania" would have produced scads of pirate-y goodness, but eh, not really. Some, but not as much as say... shifter romances. And why does the ship captain have to be a pirate? What about some Horatio Hornblower heroes? Mmmm... Ioan Gruffudd...

12.) Canadian romance. Seriously, folks, I read one historical Canadian "western" with a Mountie for a hero and hot damn if I don't still remember that book to this day. Should we all be USA romance snobs? And in that same vein, what about Australian cowboy romances? Anyone remember The Man from Snowy River? *sighs dreamily*

13.) And last but not least, I'd LOVE to see some sheikhs in eBook romance. I know for a fact one is coming out this month from Samhain Publishing. WHEEEE!!! But ONE, folks? We're talking hot desert sands, sultry desert nights, and steamy, schwetty LUV. Oded Fehr, anyone? I've been pondering writing a sheikh romance for awhile now. I know of a few authors who write them for New York, but I'm thinkin' we need them in eBook as well. Of course, if I ever DO write any sheikhs, it would probably be in a world of my own creation, because I have some wild ideas for them that probably wouldn't gel with their history and religion. LOL

Anyone with me on my list of what I want to see more of in romance eBooks?!? :D



At 10:59 PM , Blogger Ali said...

very interested site and thank you!

At 11:30 PM , Anonymous Sarah said...

I am totally with you on #6. It may not make great television, but it would be fantastic literature. Happy TT!

At 12:05 AM , Anonymous gabriella hewitt said...

Great list.

4--Check out my ebook Dark Waters set in Puerto Rico. And if my novella sells (cross your fingers and think good thoughts for me), it's set in Egypt. ;-)

5--I've got a sci celebration going on this month on my blog with several print and ebook authors. MY TT is 13 reasons to join our Sci Fi Octoberfest 2007.

8--I don't know any ebooks on ghosts, but Victoria Lauries has started a ghost busting series where the heroine is a medium. You might enjoy checking it out. Her psychic series is also excellent.

9--Totally hear you on this. Love mysteries, and would like to see more of them.

At 1:10 AM , Blogger Kate Davies said...

Great suggestions, Becka! I'm sure you'll spark a lot of creative ideas with this list. :)

At 1:50 AM , Blogger Cecily R said...

Happy TT! Great list!

At 8:12 AM , Anonymous Lorelei James said...

Is it blatant self promo when I tell you I'm writing Indians? And westerns? All set in modern day and not historicals? None set in space so far. I'm also using Indians in romantic suspense, but mine fall more under the erotic banner than Miss Marple-ish type.

My take as a mystery author under my "real" name is that the demographic for mystery readers is different than romance readers. Trust me, I've talked at length with mystery fans. Most hard-core mystery fans will NOT buy e-books because they don't want to read on their computers, and want the experience of holding it in their hot little hand. Sad, but true.

At 1:36 PM , Anonymous Damozel said...

Speaking as someone who leaves the room when the kissing starts in films---not out of prudery but out of anticipatory boredom---I am really having to get my head around all the lovely, talented women here who either read or write romance. I must say that IF I were going to read such a book, a major draw would be a ghost story locale, e.g., the Seventies' "Ammie come home," "The Uninvited" or something of that sort.

Native American romance sounds interesting...but I'm thinking that a lot of people won't go there because of the volume of research involved (?)

At 2:47 PM , Blogger Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh, I loved "The Enchanted Cottage". It's so sweet and beautiful!
I would LOVE to write Christie meets Roberts, but for some reason I always have to throw in explosions and mobsters. *shakes head* I don't know why.
My Sci Fi Erotic I just sold has Aliens, but they're not main characters. I don't know if it's cowboys in space. It's more like marines in space. LOL.

At 2:50 PM , Anonymous Nicholas said...

Vikings were not romantic! They were rapists and killers. It would be hard to get any romatic mileage out of them! Better stick to sheiks!

At 3:39 PM , Blogger Denise Patrick said...

I'm with you on most of them - especially the historicals. It's just too bad that more historicals aren't being published by the main eBook publishers (Samhain, Cerridwen, Wild Rose, etc.). We are letting NY in on too much by letting them put their print titles into eBook and siphoning off the ebook readers.

Great list!

At 9:08 AM , Blogger Jinger said...

Egyptian Nights would be the book your referring too? This book is coming from Resplendence Publishing soon.

I saw Egyptian and Oded and I was sure this book was the one I wrote!

Great TT


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