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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What the Hell Did I Do to Deserve This?!? **sobs**

Okay, people, seriously. I must be getting old because I've never gotten so sick before consecutively in my life. I'm sicker than a dog right now. Full blown cold. I blamed our friend Kyle who came over sick last Friday, who I tried to stay away from, btw... Now I learned today that he has Walking Pneumonia. Poor, poor guy. But holy crap!

I hope this cold is all I get. Right now, my head feels like it's going to explode. I hope it doesn't -that would make quite the mess... My nose is stuffy and my eyes are watering, as if I'm forever on the verge of sneezing. What's that all about?

I thought I wouldn't get a good night's sleep last night, but I slept like a rock. In fact, the alarm went off this morning and I was like, "Really? It's morning already?"

The cold medicine I'm taking ain't doing shite. It's like Comtrex nasal congestion stuff... yeah, ain't workin'. Not even remotely.

I had to take my daughter to a consult with the orthodontist today (which is free in the state of Oregon) and I considered canceling, but she's only in the office like once a month or something crazy, so I decided to suck it up and go. Come to find out that yay! My daughter doesn't need braces... now. The orthodontist wants to see her back in a year to go from there, since dd's mouth isn't quite big enough to fit her adult teeth... Doc wants to see her when she grows a little bit and then talk about braces. **shudder**

Anyhow, so I'm thinking to myself that I'm already out... might as well go to Costco. I needed to go to the store, and despite the fact my DH will be on vacation Thursday and Friday, I decide to go. I knew I'd just keep putting it off, and while going to the store wasn't quite an epidemic yet, I didn't want it to become one.

Dear. God.

I came home, had the kids help me put away the groceries and COLLAPSED for about 2 1/2 hours this afternoon. Of course I was interrupted THREE times by kidlets wanting to go to so-in-so's house, someone fell and hurt their face, can I play outside... So I took my kids aside and told them to RESPECT my naptime! They never wake up their daddy...why do they wake me up? I have no idea. I told them to be quiet and said they could watch a movie, but they still managed to have the volume up to "ear bleed", however, I was too damn comfy/lazy/sick to get up and yell at them (because they wouldn't have heard me anyhow).

Despite all this, I did manage to get some sleep. But I haven't been this sick in awhile. Hearing that our friend has Walking Pneumonia does nothing to bolster my mood. I had that a couple of times. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Of course, the first time I got it, it was really bad because I just thought I had the flu and didn't see the doctor right away. Second time it was under control right away.

Pray I don't get it again. Thanks a lot, KYLE. lol

**crawling away to find my warm, soft bed**



At 3:42 PM , Blogger Denise Patrick said...

Know why that Comtrex stuff isn't working? It's because once they started removing ephedrine from OTC meds, none of them work anymore. I hate it!

Hope you feel better soon!


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