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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Superman Returns

To sum up in one word the entire movie of Superman Returns:


Two words:


Many were the groanings and misgivings of avid Superman fans, myself and my DH included when, years ago, they announced the making of a new Superman movie. Who could possibly replace the noble and sexy Christopher Reeve?

Thank the Superman gods that it was NOT Nick Cage. Yes, there was a collaberation a few years back that had Tim Burton of Beetlejuice fame and Nicolas Cage as Supe. I believe every Superman fan on the planet breathed a sigh of relief when THAT fell through.

This movie, Superman Returns picks up where Superman II left off. It is a sequel of sorts, as if the third and fourth movies were never made. A wise move, in my opinion. Never did like the Richard Pryor (Supe III) one or the nuclear warheads one (Supe IV). And I don't think the public at large did either.

So the new movie opens with Superman returning to earth five years after he left, to find out if anything of his homeplanet of Krypton still existed. Of course after five years, much has changed. Lois has a son, AND a fiance, and Lex Luthor has his "get out of jail free" card.

First of all, Brandon Routh as Supe is not only noble and sexy, but he seems to CHANNEL the spirit of Chris Reeve at times. Listening to him talk is sometimes creepy at how WELL he paid homage to an icon. Obviously, he did that on purpose, and that only helped to suspend the audience's disbelief that this Clark Kent/Supe was played by a different actor. Close your eyes, and you don't have a clue that it's not Chris Reeve on screen.

Kevin Spacey is WONDERFUL in his role as Lex. Let me just start by saying I love Kevin Spacey. He is such an awesome actor and commands the audience's attention. He was the perfect fit for the diabolical Lex, and in fact, makes him more sinister than Gene Hackman's "comical" take on the character.

Kate Bosworth as Lois is a breath of fresh air, because, let's face it. Margot Kidder isn't exactly a "looker", and Lois is supposed to be a good-looking woman. Her performance was good and I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the movie from being completely "over" Supe, to falling in love with him all over again.

And let's not forget the opening credits or the score. KUDOS to the movie makers for keeping the original John Williams score, as it wouldn't be a Superman movie without the "Duh Duh Duh Bum Ba Da Da Bum De De Bah!!!" (like my rendition? :P ) Ahem. Moving on.

And YES!! They kept the cheesy blue floating letters at the beginning! However, overlaying it with some awesome special effects while flying through space was a NICE touch. Keeps the audience from being bored while watching these blue letters fly at you. LOL

This is a wonderful flick, and I highly recommend it for anyone to watch, even those who might be on the fence about it. This film will NOT ruin your Superman fantasies of yesteryear, but rather, re-ignite your excitement for sequels to come.

Bryan Singer (the director) has breathed new life into the Superman franchise, and I'm happy to say that this is one Supe fan who is anxiously waiting to see what they do next.

GO SEE IT NOW! Why are you still here reading my blog??



At 1:19 PM , Blogger Cindy K. Green said...

Hey Becka,

Just wanted you to know that I read your blog on Superman. I totally agree it was great. SUPERMAN is back!! I am a total nerd when it comes to Superman. I loved the Lois n Clark tv show and I even watch Smallville. So, I was so excited for this movie to come out. I was very pleased with Brandon and look forward to the next film. When will 2009 get here?!!

Cindy Green from Gather


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