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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Weekend in a Nutshell

My second daughter Miriam had her birthday party on Saturday. Her actual birthday is on Wed. the 28th, but we decided to have her party on the weekend before the four day Fourth of July weekend. She had an AWESOME day. Her aunt and uncle paid to have Princess Jasmine of Aladdin fame call her for special birthday wishes. How cool is that?! She made out with some LOOT. She got all kinds of clothes, toys, jewelry, a new video game, and a cute little fold-up playhouse I bought at Target. Here are some pics of the party:

Miriam, blowing out her birthday candles on her pretty pink cake. Her sister Simone is between my arms, trying to help out. So cutesy.

The playhouse on our deck. That's Miriam's cousin Nathan standing outside the door, my nephew. You can see Simone's pretty flower dress poking out. :)

See that pool through the slats of our deck? That's our 24 ft. Dough Boy pool. Did we go swimming this weekend? Why yes we did. Finally summer arrived after cool temperatures, soaring into the 90's, after nice, balmy 70 degree weather. We all swam in the pool, and bought cool floaty devices for all the kids. No longer are they grabbing precariously to the edge, they were playing and splashing and floating in the water with glee. I think they'll be swimming for real in no time.

The cool thing about our pool is, we looked at our address on Google Maps, and we're the only house for MILES with one. It's so wonderful to go swimming, because it lowers your body temperature, so even though it's hot outside, you stay cool for hours afterward. And it's nice having a daylight basement in our house, because it stays about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than our second story. Makes sense, since it's halfway underground and has a floor made out of concrete. LOL

We had a yummy BBQ this evening. Jim smelled someone else BBQ-ing on the wind, and that's what he wanted for dinner. LOL So we cheated on our diet and busted out the hamburger patties, hotdogs, macaroni & potato salads, and cupcakes. Today was a good day. I have a feeling I'll be paying for my "sins" tomorrow, however. My body doesn't like the high intake of fatty foods any longer. It might taste heavenly, but boy, do you feel like hell a few hours later. >:D



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