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Friday, June 23, 2006

My Poor Little Dude

So I took my son to the allergist today for his scratch test. Found out he's allergic to grasses and pollens. That means, he'll pretty much have hay fever for the rest of his life. The doc said that it should go away in a few weeks, as after the 4th of July, the grasses aren't as prevalent. So that's good.

He also said the boy was mildly allergic to soy and dog dander, but not enough to be concerned by. He said there's a chance that his allergies could get worse over time, but for right now, he just gets some nasal spray and Benadryl or liquid Zyrtec for his allergies.

But let me tell ya, that allergist was a hottie! LOL He wasn't your HUNK, but he had nice eyes and an attractive smile. It was nice chatting with him for a few minutes. hehe

But Becka, you might say, aren't you happily married?? Why yes I am, I answer. And I love my DH dearly. But I still find certain men attractive. :P Doesn't mean I'm going to do anything about it, just gonna admire from afar. LOL

Went to Fred Meyer's today to pick out DD's cake for her birthday party tomorrow. Her birthday is actually next Wednesday, the 28th, but since the next weekend was close to the 4th, I didn't want to have it that weekend. She picked a beautiful pink cake with hearts and Tweety bird on it. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed in their bakery's selection of cakes. Mostly boy cakes. For those who might not know, Fred Meyer's, (or more affectionately known as "Freddy's" by the locals), is a grocery store chain here in the Pacific Northwest. But not just groceries. Imagine if Target had a full grocery section. That's what Freddy's is like.

Or like one of those Super Wal-Marts. We love Freddy's. In fact, I joke sometimes that I should just set up a cot in the back room or apply for a job since I'm there all the time. LOL Somewhat of a local celebrity there, not because I'm an author, but because of my kids. They're just too darn cute for those employees to ignore. :P That, and my kids are chatty, so it's hard to miss us. Hehe

Here's a pic of the Goings Clan Children:

That's them in their Halloween costumes last year. Too cutesy.



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