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Monday, June 19, 2006

So I forgot Father's Day...

How much does that suck? I totally zoned on Father's Day. I remembered ON the day, but much too late to go buy any cards for either my DH or my father... I felt so bad. At least I called my father and talked to him for awhile before the day was done. Man. I totally thought it was next week. I guess I've just been so busy lately that I simply forgot.

We just had the windshield in our car replaced because something flew out of the sky and hit it while DH was driving to work last week. He has no idea what it was, but it hit the windshield so hard, glass fragments flew into the car! Thank goodness DH didn't swerve or even freak out. I totally would have been all over the road if that happened to me. LOL

But now we have a nice, shiny new windshield. Of course, we had to pay the $250 deductible. I hate deductibles. That's a dirty word in my house. The entire bill was like $340 something. Insurance only paid about $96. Does that seem right to you? For FULL coverage?

**raises brow**

Not to mention the stupid health insurance tries to write off every illness as "on the deductible" nowadays too. I hate insurance companies. With a capital "H".

DH bought some stuff from Home Depot yesterday. We had a $175 gift card from them because they use that as an incentive to buy the front-loading washing machines. Well, I'd wanted front loaders for forever, and we finally bought some in April. We just got the gift card, so that was pretty sweet. But he used it to buy a weed wacker and electric hedge trimmers along with one of those long tree-trimming poles you stick into the branches. So he had fun doing yardwork yesterday. Granted, our front lawn looked like a jungle, and now it actually looks pretty good! :D

But I forgot to set the trash on the street when we were doing yardwork. Guess when I remembered? About 7am, when the trash man drove right past our house. Dammit. LOL



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