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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Toes Day

Got some more NetFlix today. Yay! Two more MONK CD's and one on Horatio Hornblower. DH and I really like the show Monk, and have only just started watching it recently. We're in the second season.

It's a cute show, about a detective who is obsessive-compulsive. It's funny watching him react to a crime scene, wanting to make everything perfect again. LOL

We've also been watching the second season of Stargate Atlantis. We're avid fans of Stargate: SG-1 and had a bunch of Atlantises downloaded, but we haven't watched them. I think we're on show 17 of Atlantis season 2. I love McCay. I think he's my favorite character on the show. The guy is so annoying, but he's cute at the same time. :D

And of COURSE there's Michael Shanks and Ben Browder from SG-1. Who could forget THOSE hotties?? **faints** That's why I watch it. All that eye candy in ONE show? Dang, hope this is the week they all wear tight leather! (You'd be surprised at how many shows they do. LOL)

And yes, I am an uber geek, married to an uber geek. I know Ben Browder from his Farscape days, and even named something out of one of my books after "him". LOL His name in Farscape is John Crichton. That name is where Laith's title, the Third Duke of Crichton, comes from in HEARTS ETERNAL. Ahhh, little Becka trivia there. ;D

We have scads of movies and TV shows in our DVD repertoire. We hate watching TV shows ON TV, so we buy the seasons when they come out so we can vege on a Sat/Sun watching the entire season without having to wait. :P In fact, there are very few shows we watch week to week. One of them being LOST. I mean, come on. That many hotties in one show? Makes me giddy. Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond, Charlie . . .

Too bad they don't have "leather" week on LOST.



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