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Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Back Hurts

I swear, I've updated that darn profile on the side ------------->>>>

I did that yesterday. If you click on my profile, it will even say the correct version. Who knows, maybe I have to republish the page. **shrugs**

I've been depressed for most of the day. Just found out my publisher Inara Press is going under at the end of the month. That means my book HEARTS ETERNAL will not be coming out. However, there is a silver lining in this stormcloud, but I can't share it yet until it's "official", so you can check back on my author blog to find out that news in the next few days at

Did a lot of housework today and lamenting the fact that the lower level of our house is a daylight basement. That means that half of our house has concrete floors. Our house is 3145 sq. ft. mind. So half of that... roughly 1570 sq. ft. needed to be MOPPED today. Ugh. So here I sit with an achy back and a crooky neck feeling sorry for myself about my publisher. LOL

But, I get to sit back tonight and rest for a bit, as NetFlix has sent us another episode of Horatio Hornblower, an excellent series of life on the high seas in the late 1700's. The yummy Ioan Gruffudd stars. Le sigh. But it really is a good show. It's funny to watch how polite they were back then when they were insulting each other. LOL "Will you kindly rescind your words, sir!" "No, I do not believe I shall." "Then do me the honor of meeting me on Banning Hill at dawn for a duel!" "I shall be there, sir!"

It's a hoot.



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