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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Karate, French, & McDonalds

I am not a soccer mom. I am a karate mom. And a French (language) mom. :P

My kids take both karate and french class, coincedentally at the same place. DH and I wanted them to have some kind of a "P.E." class, since we homeschool, and karate seemed perfect for them. We also wanted them to get into speaking a different langauge, since they're so young and still sponges.

My DH went on Craig's List and looked for a teacher who taught french and was contacted--by the wife of the guy who owns the karate dojo! Can you say "small world"? LOL

Anyhow, we had both french and karate classes today. Usually we have french on Tuesdays, but it was postponed for today due to some conflicting schedules.

The McDonald's came in as lunch for a treat. I got their Asian Chicken Salad, and I must confess, it's pretty good! I've never had edamame or whatever the heck those little green beany thingies are in there. But they were good. Great, now I'm hungry again. :P It was hard, not ordering the yummy burgers, but I was a good girl, despite being tempted to be bad.

DH and I are on Weight Watchers, have been since March, and I've lost 25 pounds so far. I'm fitting into my pants! :D Let me tell you, though, after being accustomed to eating a certain way and then eating the way you "used to", you pay for it a few hours later, if you know what I mean. Better have some reading material in the bathroom. LOL!

But it hasn't been that hard of a lifestyle change, because that's what it is. You can't eat healthy "for a little while", or else you'll gain your weight back and then some. People vastly overestimate their willpower. LOL

Baked potato chips, low-fat to non-fat things, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches or cones, rice cakes (which have come far beyond the bland hockey pucks of old)... All this stuff is a great way to have the same kinds of food in your life but cut back on calories. Margarine instead of butter, low-fat mayo, low-fat salad dressing, eat mozzarella, paramasan, or swiss cheeses (less fat and calories per ounce)... And putting more fruits and veggies back into your diet.

It's not for everyone, but since you can eat relatively whatever you want if you're willing to spend the points, it's the perfect diet for my DH and me. So I'm happy with it. And so is my shrinking waistline. :D



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