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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mommies Aren't Allowed to Get Sick

Where was I when this "law" was passed? Who accepted this as "common knowledge" the moment a baby is born? Whose "bright idea" was it to belittle the groanings of an ill mommy?

Because they deserve to be shot.

I have been sick for a few days now, that much is obvious. It's moving on from spinning head to head cold. Joy of joys. But does this mean I can rest? Does this mean I get to vege on the couch while gnarly little germs ravish my immune system?

Hell no!

DH has a four day weekend due to July 4th. Whenever he's off for an extended period of time, he gets this wacky idea in his head that he must "do" something, be "productive". And ever since we bought our house a year ago, that means home improvement.

I've never been one to love change. I like things just they way they are, thank you very much. Granted, our house is like a bajillion years old, and as such, needs a few coats of paint here and there in various rooms. However, it would seem as if home improvement trumps my couch fantasies. Bugger.

I must admit, we worked on our bathroom downstairs and it is leaps and bounds better than it was before. And regardless of my snuffly nose and my semi-spinning head, I was able to suck it up and cut in my paint with the best of them.

How did I do this? Because I'm a woman, of course.

What Mr. Deserves To Be Shot doesn't tell you is this. Yes, it's a "rule" that mommies aren't allowed to get sick. However, there is a clause to that rule, that states "Sick mommies are troopers."

Because let's face it, ladies. If our husbands had snuffly noses or felt like they were on a Merry-Go-Round from hell, you better believe their ass would be growing roots on that damned couch. I highly doubt if my DH had felt today the malady that plagues me, we would not have made the "home improvement" run to Lowe's.

Perhaps, however, I am part of the problem. Since we women are such troopers when we get sick, our menfolk simply cannot gauge exactly how sick we are. We get up, we do dishes, laundry, take care of the kids, Hey, she must be feeling GREAT! they think. **shakes head**

No, we do all this because if we didn't do it, it wouldn't get done. And if it DID get done by some miraculous intervention, it would be done wrong. LOL

Don't get me wrong, my DH is a good man. He takes care of me when I'm down-and-out sick. The walking pneumonia I had last Christmas or the severe Labyrinthitis I had a couple of years ago (yes, it REALLY is a medical term. I can hear you laughing, you know). However, it would seem as if men breathe a sigh of relief whenever their wives are back to 100% (or at least 50% pretending to be 100%). Why is that? Because women are the backbone of a family. Hands down, period, case closed, the end.

The men can bring home as much damn bacon as they want, but when mommy ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.

Learned that one from Oprah. :D

Now that I've ended my rant, I thought I would entertain you with pictures from my new and improved bathroom royale. Please note that even though the room is painted, it is still bare. We are planning on putting a print of (or having our friend paint) Steamboat Willie on the wall with a few little pics of him. The kids love Mickey and Disney, and since the black & white checkered floor was there already, it wasn't too much of a stretch to think of the black and white themed room. This room was a HIDEOUS yellow before. Now, it's a 1,000,000,000 times better than before. Enjoy my husband's Flickr pics:

Before & After Bathroom Pics



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