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Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay, This Thing is the Coolest Device I Have EVER Owned

Yes, yes, I know I already have a post about this, but I've just got to spread the Gospel of iPhone to the masses. I have a 3G, which retails for $199. Considering everything this nifty little device does, that's a SCREAMIN' deal.

Let's review what it does for ME, Beckabecks:

It's a calculator. Handy for when I'm at the store.

It's a notepad. Handy for when I want to jot down a grocery list or reminders to myself.

It tells me the temperature of any city I choose. Excellent for finding out what the beach might be like this weekend.

It's a clock.

It's a map. Enter any address and it will pop up a map. If you're in the map app (lol), you can also enter in say... "Thai Restaurant" and it will show you all the local Thai restaurants in the area. Oh, would you like to call them? Here's their number. Just push "call". Do they have a website? Yes? Why don't you browse it?

Which brings me to it's connected to the Internet via the cell network. So you never have a "disconnect" to the Internet. Nope. Check email? You bet. Browse You Tube? Go ahead! In fact, you can turn your iPhone sideways and it will play the video in a "widescreen" format. Can you go to websites? Need you ask? And no, it's not the craptastic text only websites. You can totally see every picture and every inch of pink on Becka's Babble. :P

And let's not forget that if you have to squint to read that text, you just pinch your touch screen to zoom into the text and/or website. You can spread your fingers wide to zoom back out.

It's a hand-held game device. There's an app store with hundreds of games you can either pay for - and some for free! Some apps aren't even games. You can download the dictionary, for example. Or the Bible. Or a bajillion other things. One of the things I downloaded was a Diabetes program that keeps track of your blood sugars throughout the day.

And yes, I bought Bejeweled 2 for it. Love that game, as well as some other word games, solitaire, hangman, and an app for Pandora, the FREE Internet streaming radio (for lack of a better example.) You put in an artist you like to listen to, and it will pull up that person, and play *other* artists that are similar, that you might like. Pandora is cool in that it's not just for the iPhone, it's also online. You should check it out.

Oh, did I mention that this nifty thing is also an iPod? Sure, I have an iPod already, but I could ditch it if I wanted.

It also does awesome texting, as it's smart, with a "qwerty keyboard" (all touch screen, of course, no buttons), and if you happen to make a typo, it suggests a correction for you, and 9 times out of 10, it guesses the word you were trying to type. It also remembers previous texts, so you can browse through your older texts to your contacts.

It's a calendar, and I can make appointments on whatever day I choose.

It's a camera. Want to take a picture of something cool? No prob. Point and shoot. Want to email that photo? Okay!

Oh yeah. And it's a phone.


I never thought I'd use one as much as I have used this little thing. I was so wrong. Now I wonder how I lived so long without it.

I love the thing so much I've named it "Vera", after Jayne's beloved gun in Firefly. LOL

Seriously, folks, if you've been thinking of getting one, you really should. $199 is NOT that expensive for everything it does. And I'm just in awe of all the apps that are available for it. My phone could do SO much more if I downloaded more apps.

THIS is why I will always keep it charged and always keep it close to my person. Never again will my phone be lying useless, dead on the counter. Forever and ever, amen.




At 8:35 PM , Blogger Rosie said...

You know once somebody admits they have phone envy hearing more about somebody else's awesome phone is tantamount to a taunt. :-P

At 11:47 AM , Blogger Becka said...






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