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Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of Art Class

Today was Simone and Levi's first day of art class at the Cultural Arts Center here in Hillsboro. My two older girls will start their classes next week.

It's funny, the Arts Center is actually a converted church, and I've driven by it a few times. It's closer to my house than my kids' doctor's office, and I never even knew! Funny thing is, the building is actually fairly new, I have no idea why the church sold it to the city, but it's awesome. They hold concerts in the "sanctuary" and all the art classes go on in the rooms downstairs.

The place is actually pretty good size, despite the fact they have a relatively small parking area. It's inconvenient in a way, because all the streets are one-way surrounding it, so I have to drive past it and go around in a circle to get there. But the place still kind of has that church smell. I don't know what it is... perhaps it's in the carpet? I don't know.

You know how you go into some traditional church, like Lutheran or Episcopal and they have that "smell"? It's not a bad smell, just a church smell. More contemporary churches, such as Calvary Chapel, don't seem to have this smell about them, I've noticed. Very odd.

But the kids had a lot of fun today, considering the teacher chose -- dinosaurs as today's subject! They all love dinosaurs, and it just happens to be my son's subject of choice. The class was 4pm to 5:30pm, and Levi was still drawing away. In fact, I had to wait about ten minutes until he finished. I'm thinking he really likes this class!

My older girls are sooooo excited to start! They have classes for adults as well. I'll have to check out what they offer. Art class used to be my very favorite subject in school. :)



At 9:23 AM , Blogger Luann said...

I can just imagine how excited Simone and Levi were to discover they were going to be drawing dinosaurs! All the kids are so artistic in different areas. Sending them to art class is a great idea and I'm certain they will thoroughly enjoy it and enhance their artistic skills.

I'm looking forward to seeing their art projects when we come visit at Christmas!

Love, Mom


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