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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Daughter's Gunboats

Today, I earned my "Best Mom of the Year" award. My daughter, pathetic as she is, came to me today to show me her flip flops, the ones she's worn every day since sometime in June. They're dirty, disgusting, and look like they're ready to fall apart at any given moment. Unfortunately, her regular tennis shoes are now too tight for her, because children have this annoying thing called "growing" that unfortunately, they cannot control. GRR

With puppy-dog eyes, she asks if I will buy her new shoes.

Upon examining all my kids' feet and tennis shoes, I've come to realize they all need new shoes. Wonderful.

Like a moron, I wait until Payless Shoes has run to the end of their "Buy One Get One" sale (@$&*!), however, they do have a "few" items on sale. So we go, and I find out my eldest child (who is 9 years old, btw) wears a size 6 1/2 in WOMEN'S shoes! That's only a size and a half away from what *I* wear! I was so taken aback, that when I regained function in the speech part of my brain, I announced to all and sundry how EPIC my daughter's feet are.

Of course now, being in women's sizes, no longer can she pick the cutsie "Hannah Montana" shoes or anything remotely pink and princess-y. :( What she did pick, however, are a pair of black sneakers with bright pink shoelaces and pink stitching and whatnot. They're really cute. My other kids rejoiced that they all got new shoes as well, my son with his Ironman light-up shoes, my daughter, with her Dora the Explorer light-up shoes, and my other daughter, with her silver and pink shoes.

Even at a store like Payless, I still don't get out of there for cheap with four kids to shoe. I really really really should have paid more attention to the BOGO offer at Payless. That is, AFTER I realized "Bogo" wasn't some fancy designer shoe after all and actually stood for "Buy One Get One". Dang stores and their dang new-fangled acronyms... >:(



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