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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Adventure That Is My Life

Okay, so yesterday, I decided to go to KFC to pick up dinner for the fam. As I'm leaving, DH gives me a grin and tells me to pick up some wood while I'm out, as he wanted to start a fire. With all the camping we've done this year, we depleted our wood supply. *SIGH* All right, I'll go, but only because I need to get dog food, too.

So I get to Safeway, and notice a minivan with the driver door wide open, lights on, nobody's home. I didn't think much of it, I thought perhaps the owner was scrounging for something and I just couldn't see them. But it still raised a red flag for me. My daughter Simone and I go in, pick up the dog food and the wood, pay, then go back out to the car. As I'm loading up, I notice the van is still wide open with no one in it. I warred with my own conscience at that moment, because I was so very hungry, you see, but being somewhat of a goodie-two-shoes, I knew *I* would want to know if I accidentally left my car door open.

I go back inside to the customer service desk and wait for about 5 minutes to tell someone about this, after I got the license plate number of the car.  Finally, someone took down the info I had and announced it over the loudspeaker in the store.  Feeling good for doing a good deed, I go back out to the parking lot with my daughter, only to find the minivan was gone.  I'm happy the person who owned the vehicle (I'm assuming) drove off after realizing their mistake, however, I became extremely annoyed that I'd "wasted" 5 minutes of my time going back into the store to do my good deed for the day when the person had already left the parking lot.

At this point, I keep telling myself I'm racking up treasures in Heaven.  Treasures in Heaven, Becka.  LOL

Okay, so we drive to the KFC, order our food, and the guy taking my cash has an "Are you kidding me?!?" moment.  My order was $30.04.  I handed him $40.04 in cash.  This kid hit some button that didn't show him the change he needed to give me, so he LITERALLY, and I kid you not, hit the cancel key to re-enter it so he could figure out my change.  I'm staring at this kid in disbelief, mind, because my own seven-year-old could tell you I should get back a ten dollar bill.  YOU knew that, right?  Because I couldn't believe this kid wasn't that bright.  Maybe I didn't understand what he was doing and he had to do that for the drawer count after hours.  But I don't think so.  WOW.

So after we get our food, I have to remind them of one other meal I'd ordered (they'd forgotten it in the bag), then I go back out to the parking lot only to find someone had parked their GIANT SUV about 6 inches away from the driver's side of my car.  Like, literally, I'm surprised my side-view mirror was still attached!  My daughter had to slide in from the other side while I went around to assess whether or not I could get in the car.

Despite my giant 8-month-pregnant belly, there was NO way.  Not even a super skinny person could have done it. 

At this point, I'm so upset (low blood sugar + pregnant + are you kidding me moments = cranky Becka), but I'm one of those "non-confrontational" people.  I'll get in your face if you get in mine, and I'm a biatch on the road, but I don't go looking for a fight.  So while marching back into the restaurant and giving the SUV owner a piece of my mind made my inner dark side grin with glee, I resisted the urge.  If I'd had a piece of paper and a pen, I WOULD have left a note on their car.  I was sorely disappointed I didn't have any.  GRRR

In order to appease my raging temper, images of slashing tires and keying their passenger door flitted through my mind with unabashed abandon, no doubt cancelling out the "treasures in Heaven" I had just racked up for my good deed of the day not 15 minutes earlier.  

Therefore, I had to get into my car through the passenger side and climb over the console into the driver's seat while being both overweight and 8 months pregnant.  It must have been comical.  I think I sat on the emergency brake.  Fortunately, there wasn't anyone else in the parking lot to observe, other than my daughter, who thankfully, didn't laugh at her mama.

I hate people.




At 12:57 PM , Blogger Susan Kelley said...

Climbing over the middle to get behind the wheel sounds pretty agile for 8 months along. I'm sure some day your good deeds will come back to bless you. Good for your daughter for not laughing. Mine would have been howling.

At 3:14 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Not sure "agile" is the word I would have used. LOL More like "flopping fish", perhaps.

And I forgot to mention the woman who pulled out behind me as I was coming home, driving for almost 2 miles with NO HEADLIGHTS! She finally passed me and I rolled the window down, yelled at her, honked and flashed my lights, but she didn't get the message, apparently. Probably thought I was off my rocker.

But my thought was, how can you drive for THAT LONG and not notice everything is dark? Not to mention your instrument panel would be dark as well. So even if the lights outside wouldn't make you notice no headlights, the darkness inside the car itself would be a big tip off!

She finally realized her lights were off about another half mile up after I tried to inform her. Wonder if she felt like a moron?


At 6:05 PM , Blogger Valerie said...

again I really wish I would have been with you when all of this went down cuz I would have gone back into KFC and gave someone a piece of my mind, as if it were me I would not have been past the point of breaking or moving his/her side view mirrors...oh and did there happen to be windows to the restaurant facing where your car was...

At 10:47 AM , Blogger Becka said...

Val, there were no windows about. I was parked near the back of the restaurant, so all the windows were up front. I could have gotten away with any number of things if I'd wanted. Of course, there *could* have been parking lot cameras about that I couldn't see...

The evil thoughts were enough for me, however. Don't think I could live with myself if I'd vandalized someone's car, no matter how stupid they are.



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