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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Dreaded Dentist

Oh yeah, the dentist. DH and I are actively trying to spend our flexible spending account for health related issues through his old work, because if we don't use it by November 30th, we lose it.

So, we've been to the eye doctor, gotten new glasses for him, me, and our youngest daughter Simone. Now, it's on to the dentist.

They called us out of the blue to schedule cleanings for us, so we decided to go. I knew I had some cavities which I neglected to take care of due to the hubbub of my pregnancy, and let's face it, my own procrastination. Well, they wanted to EXTRACT my wisdom teeth! GAH! No, didn't want to go through that while pregnant.

Come to find out, my dentist tells me after the age of 25, they don't like to extract wisdom teeth unless they REALLY REALLY have to, because recovery time is so much longer and painful for us fogies. I have a couple of cavities in them, but she was confident she could fill them rather than pull them. She didn't want me to be in agony with only a few weeks until baby bunting is born. Nice lady. We like this doc.

So, I schedule my first filling appointment for the very next day after my cleaning (which was today) and now my teefies hurt. :P Of course, that is to be expected with all the poking, proding, and **shudder** drilling they were doing. I have to go in next Tuesday to get the other side worked on, as well as a third appointment yet to be scheduled. ACK!

Not all of my fillings are for cavities, per se. Some of my teeth are cracked on the top, needing to be filled in lest they become top cavities or what have you. I dunno, I'm not a dentist. Thankfully, they break it all up so I don't have to endure a marathon dental hell.

But it does mean all my appointments have to be close together in order to use up the flexible spending. And damn Thanksgiving for closing down the dentist! That third appointment I've got to make will likely be in December, meaning I'll have to pay out of pocket for that one. But oh well. At least I'll have all my dental crappola done once Sophie arrives, AND, I don't have to have my wisdom teeth extracted!

The dentist did say they have to be diligently brushed more than the other teeth, since they're against my actual jawbone and hard to get a brush back there (hence my cavities), but just because you have wisdom teeth doesn't mean they have to come out. Truth be told, they've never bothered me. I had enough room in my mouth for them to come in without crowding my other teeth, and they came in straight. Other than filling them, I've had no problems. So yay! No horrific torture for me!

The dentist did keep telling me I didn't "look" 8 months pregnant, which I'm still trying to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing... I seem obviously pregnant to myself and to friends, and the dental assistants had no problem assessing the state of my pregnant-ness. Of course, the doctor didn't see me STANDING, which could have been part of the problem. When I sit, I do resemble just a fat lady with a Buddha belly. LOL

Maybe I *should* take offense to that after all... :P



At 11:48 PM , Blogger Luann said...

I think it's very much better to be told "you don't look pregnant" when you actually are pregnant versus someone asking "when's your baby due?" when you are actually NOT pregnant. I'm just thinking . . . I'd take the first comment much better than the second one personally. :-)

At 9:59 PM , Anonymous Aurea Robillard said...

Well, wisdom teeth can affect your mouth. The dentist needs to examine first if you're a candidate for some extraction or not. In most cases, wisdom teeth push towards the front of the mouth. As for the fillings, they help prevent further damage.

"You don't look pregnant," sounds like a compliment, btw.


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