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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Halfway There!

Today marks day #140 in my pregnancy. I have exactly 140 days to go. I'm officially "halfway" through my pregnancy! YAY!

It's actually a milestone for me, as I've been worrying this baby might not make it, like the one I miscarried in January. However, that baby was only a few weeks along. I am now starting my 20th week, officially into month 5!

Already, I alternate between days of feeling like a stuffed turkey or a beached whale. I move slower than I did in the past, mainly because I get ligament pain easier with each consecutive child. For those of you not "in the know", ligament pain is felt when the ligaments that hold up the uterus stretch tight, giving the pregnant woman sharp, knife-like pains in the abdomen. It's not like a contraction pain, but kind of like a charley horse, or a bunched muscle.

I get these when I move funny, either bending over, rolling over in bed, or sometimes climbing out of the car. So far, this pregnancy hasn't been too bad, although I'm dreading the days of being ROUND with child - around Christmas time. I don't mind having a baby born during the holidays, I just don't want to be IN the hospital on Christmas day. Sophie isn't due until January 10th, but sometimes babies have a mind of their own and come when they want to.

I have a feeling I'm going to be miserable in the coming months, but it will all be worth it. When your kids start to grow up, you don't realize how much you miss the infant/toddler stage of their childhood. Despite all the "bad" things people associate with newborns and toddlers, it really is one of the most precious times in your kids' childhoods. I'm so looking forward to it again. :)



At 6:06 PM , Anonymous Susan Kelley said...

Becka, I'm so glad to hear your pregnancy is going well and you're both healthy. My youngest is now a teenager and I can't imagine going through the infant days again. Put your feet up now and then and take care.


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