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Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's All About the Suit

I could have come up with a catchier title for this blog post - "Pick Your Suit" or "What Suits You?" or "That Suits You" or "More Than an Empty Suit" LOL.

But I have an honest question.

Why does every important man wear dark-colored suits? Seriously, look around the media, politicians, actors... everyone is wearing a dark suit. Now it's probably not black, as that's usually reserved for tuxedos, but I've seen a few black suits in my day. But I'm talking about the tan suit, the light grey suit, rather than the varying colors of navy blue.

Is it because it's considered more professional? Are you taken more seriously? Are lighter-colored suits considered more "casual"? Or do they not photograph well on TV?

Occasionally, you'll see politicians (like the ones we've been closely watching) wear light-colored slacks with their white shirts and sleeves rolled up when they're giving a "less formal" speech and/or press conference. But you never get the blazer in there. It's more of a dress casual look, I guess.

Perhaps I'm answering my own question with the tan/grey suits, but honestly, I'm getting tired of navy blue and smoky dark grey, aren't you? It's like... every man on TV is wearing the same suit! I've got to wonder seriously how many ties these men own, because that's really the only splash of color in there! Sometimes you might see the random yellow shirt or light blue shirt that vetos the white button-up for the day, but to me, that's not enough of a "change".

For all I know, these guys could be picking up these suits at the dry cleaners and wearing the very same suit every day of the week! How do we know? Only the ties change!



At 8:29 PM , Blogger Rosie said...

I think the sober color of navy blue, black, brown, etc. is so they are taken seriously. As for going to the dry cleaners, I remember years ago Warren Beatty did an interview for 60 Minutes. Mr. Beatty explained that once a year he traveled to Paris and London and ordered several pairs of the same slacks, sport coat, and black shirts, (collared knit)socks and shoes. He got a new tux and about 5 suits. He preferred to wear the same thing everyday. It made life and travel easier. So I'm thinking politicians do the same thing. They have several sets of the same get up they wear over and over again.


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