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Friday, March 07, 2008

Becka's Hottie of the Week Three-Fer

Okay, folks, I'm well aware that I've slacked off the past couple of weeks for my Hottie. Therefore, I will be showcasing three men for your eye-candy enjoyment. First up, we have a man I've actually "followed" since I was a child. I first saw him on Silver Spoons back in the day and thought he was cute even then. Nothing's changed. When DH and I began watching Arrested Development after the show was canceled (because we were morons and didn't watch the show when it was on the air), I couldn't help but realize how handsome this man grew to be. Who am I talking about? Mr. Jason Bateman.

He's a few years older than me, but hey, we're both in our 30's, so it's all good. LOL But yeah, he's still got it, from teen pin-up back in the 80's to now, he's pretty much shed his child-actor persona. Good for you, Jason!

Next up, we have a guy that makes me want to watch the news more often. Yes, I realize my posting of Brian Williams as one of my previous Hotties should have clued me in, but this man has solidified my opinion. Heck, I don't even care what he's reporting about. I don't even have to listen to any of his political views. Just turn the volume down and stare, my friends. Who am I talking about? Mr. Anderson Cooper.

Who knew that beneath the suit was a hot bod? I love his salt-n-pepper hair, and there's not many men I can say that about. Did you know he's the son of Gloria Vanderbilt? Neither did I. Cool. I'm going to look for more broadcasts where Anderson goes out into the field just so I can see him wearing something other than a stuffy suit. This is one man I actually prefer seeing in every day clothing over dressing up.

And last but not least, we have Hottie number three, a man people might not lump into the "Hottie" arena, except for myself and a few other geeks, of course. He stars on Stargate Atlantis, and while he might not be as knucklebiting as Joe Flanigan, I find him extremely good-looking in his own right. If you watch Stargate Atlantis, you might think his character is annoying, and rightly so. But that's what endears me to him. I didn't like him much when they had him on the original show (SG:1) before the spinoff, but now that they've fleshed him out a bit more, I just cannot live without Rodney McCay. :P Who am I talking about? Mr. David Hewlett.

Funny trivia about David--his sister on the show is his sister in real life. :) He seems like such a geeky guy himself, someone DH and I would love to have over for a game of D&D or something. lol

Congratulations, Jason Bateman, Anderson Cooper, and David Hewlett. You're Becka's Hotties of the Week Three-Fer! :D



At 6:14 PM , Blogger Rosalee said...

Just fork over a double serving of Sheppard followed by Cooper as dessert.....

At 10:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Becka,
Good choices for "hunks"
You might want to check out this site for the Anderhunk.

Just copy and paste in the Address space up above.


At 11:55 PM , Anonymous Metoo said...

Anderson Cooper's an excellent choice, but don't watch him with the volume down, you'll miss hearing one of his wonderfully weird but witty comments that he sometimes makes during the broadcast. He looks great in suits AND casual clothes, but since I have a suit fetish, I like seeing him in the studio all prettied up.


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