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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting Into the Swing

Well, I've gotten over the initial shock of having diabetes. It's funny, but now that I know what to look for, I can tell what my body is doing. I can recognize hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) when I start getting shaky/bitchy/starving/headache. I know when I need a snack, even if I'm not hungry. I can now perceive the dips in my blood sugar enough to know what's going on in my system.

Today I was going to get on my exercise bike and do my thing, but I realized those new batteries I'd put in there the other day...were now dead. I suppose when I'd put them in, I didn't turn *off* the dang thing (I'd assumed it turned itself off after a time). And who keeps extra "D" batteries around their house, anyway?? GRR... Anyhow, I tried riding it for about 5 minutes anyway, thinking at least the act of pedaling is somehow aerobic. It did nothing for me. I need that damn tension on the pedals.

So, not to be defeated, I decided to play the drums on Rock Band instead. Don't scoff! That is hard at times, and you definately do work up a bit of a sweat. Sure, you'll never huff and puff at it, but your arms and legs will soon feel like spaghetti noodles afterwards. Not to mention, it's pretty dang fun!

I have no idea if that "counts" as true exercise, but I got some practice in on a few songs in the "hard" setting. Good thing I was only practicing! I didn't do so good when I wandered away from the *easy* songs. But hey, at least I was flailing about and doing something physical rather than staring at my computer screen for 45 minutes.





At 3:38 AM , Blogger LisaBisa said...

ooh ooh! When I've wanted a workout but not something boring, I've done the boxing on the Wii for a 1/2 hour. I was sweating a the end, let me tell you...


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