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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So there I am, in my laundry room, minding my own business, when this ornery sock decides it's not going to cooperate with me. It's all balled up, and there's no hope of finding the toe in the jumbled mass of fabric. Therefore, I do what we've all done on occasion--I smack it against the top of my dryer.

Everyone smacks socks to get them out of their tight little sock balls. (Hey! No snickering back there.) Whether it's against the window sill, the laundry shelf, the side of your leg, or in my case, the top of my dryer.

As if you haven't guessed, I probably shouldn't have done that.

Why, you ask? Well, the dryer decided to fight back. I swear, the damn thing has TEETH, and I spent about 10 minutes looking for them. I don't know how it happened, but a chunk of my right index finger on the first knuckle was bitten off (by my dryer), and damn near squirted blood all over my laundry room as if my once-docile appliance decided to play Sweeney Todd.

Uttering all kinds of profanities that you probably shouldn't say unless you're A.) a sailor or B.) injured pretty damn good, I ran to the sink to clean my wound. At this point, it's stinging like an SOB and bleeding all over my kitchen towel, but eventually I'm able to stem the flow of gore long enough to wrap a bandaid around my gash.

By this time, I'm thinking to myself, "Yup, definitely shouldn't have done that", and I go back in to continue to fold the rest of my laundry. I approach the dryer with caution, thankful the darn thing doesn't have legs with which to chase me around the house, since it's obviously out for blood. I try to act non-chalant by placing my wet load of laundry inside of it, promising never to bang it on the head again with a delinquint sock.

However when I go to press the power button, nothing happens. You see, my dryer is one of those fancy ones, the kind you actually turn on, then turn the dial to choose your dryer setting, then press the "play/pause" button, like on a CD player. If you want to stop the load to throw something in, you don't merely open the door like a neanderthal, no, you press "pause" and the drum comes to a stop, you open the door, throw in your forgotten item, then press "play" again.

So now, I'm thinking, "CRAP! I done broke my expensive-ass dryer!"

The power button now does nothing when you press it, and I suppose some spring in there or whatever the heck the mechanism is, must have busted or broken loose on my dryer's bid for revenge. The strange thing is, when I'd put my next load in, the power *automatically* came on after I'd closed the door, and I was able to turn the dial and press "play" like always. This has never happened before.

This means that my dryer is either:

A.) Possessed by the Devil

B.) Likes the taste of blood and wants me to crawl into the drum to see what's going on - sooo not happening...


C.) Has an attitude and works only on "it's" terms.

Great. Now I'm afraid to do laundry. I'm going to have to call my therapist. Again.



At 7:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your dryer is trying to hurt you.


Sorry you got cut yourself!

At 10:46 AM , Blogger Becka said...

Thanks. :) For the wee fee of $85, (arm and a leg, I know), the dryer repair man came out this morning and exorcised the demons from my appliance.

Didn't quite understand what was wrong with the button in the first place through the repair guy's thick Asian accent, but all I care about is that it's back in working order.

I had called LG last night, the makers of my dryer, and this guy was the closest certified LG repair guy (according to the manufacturer) apparently. But with the loads of laundry I do every day, it was worth it to get my dryer back in working order.



At 5:26 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

That's weird...I showed up as anonymous w/ my comment...

I'm glad you're dryer is fixed...and not trying to eat you anymore. LOL


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