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Monday, February 25, 2008

YES! ONCE Takes Best Original Song at Oscars!

Probably the most exciting moment of the night for me and DH, we watched the Oscars and practically fell off the couch cheering when the winner for Best Original Song was announced.

Congratulations to Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for their song "Falling Slowly"!!!

There have been many grumblings that this movie was only nominated for one thing this year. DH and I loved this movie, as well you know. However, knowing they won the only Oscar they were up for is very poignant, especially since the movie Enchanted had three songs in the same category.

Glen and Marketa were definitely the favorites to win, if the crowd reaction was anything to judge by. And bless Jon Stewart and the Oscars for letting Marketa walk BACK on stage after the commercial break to give her thank you speech. She'd been cut off by the orchestra and the clapping after Glen gave his, and she didn't have a chance. But right after the break, they brought her back out... Something that I don't think they've ever done before.

This just goes to show you don't need massive special effects and truckloads of money to win an Oscar. ONCE was made with two hand-held cameras and $100,000.

The best thing about their performance at the Oscars was that Glen was playing on his same old beat up guitar. He'll probably play that thing until it disintegrates. LOL But that's part of what makes it all awesome.

Congrats again, you two. You bloody well deserve it!



At 12:56 PM , Blogger LisaBisa said...

I saw that, I was very excited for them. *and thought of you of course...*

I thought that was so nice they/he let her make her speech afterwards. Can you imagine, winning and then not even being able to say one word in the mic. to thank ppl?


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