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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #27 - 13 Reasons to Buy Mistletoe Magic This Holiday Season

In honor of MISTLETOE MAGIC, currently my only Christmas romance available, I've decided to "pimp" it here on my T-13. Here we go!

1.) As stated, this is currently my one and only Christmas romance available.

2.) It takes place in my stomping grounds, good ol' Portland, Oregon, baby!

3.) My novella in this project, entitled UNDERNEATH THE MISTLETOE, was once nominated for "Best Novella in an Anthology 2005" at the RIO Awards.

4.) Jeremy Kitteridge, the hero, is one of the most adorable men I've ever written.

5.) Jeremy's last name is one of Becka's real life family names from back in the day.

6.) Jeremy dresses up like Santa for the kids. Aww...

7.) This book is available in eBook AND print, and is even on! :D

8.) It will get you in the mood for Christmas if you're not feelin' it this year.

9.) You've read all my other books, but never this one, because it wasn't Christmas time. Well guess what? :)

10.) If you've NEVER read any of my books, this is an excellent one to start with, since MY contribution is only a novella, and it's in an anthology with two other authors you may or may not have heard of. Broaden your reading horizons!

11.) It's a straight contemporary romance, with no shifters, vampires, magic (despite the title), menages, or manlove.

12.) Yes, I said manlove.

13.) Paul Walker.

Okay, so #13 was contrived. But it woke ya up, didnit? :P

Happy T-13!



At 5:29 AM , Blogger Adelle said...

I love Christmas stories. I wish you a ton of sales. I hope I can fit this into my Christmas budget.
Happy T13!

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Denise Patrick said...

I'll have to get this one. I like Phyllis Campbell's writing, too.

Happy TT!

At 5:06 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Thanks guys. I actually struggled to write this one. I was in the middle of this book while moving to my new house, so I was plagued with signing STACKS of paperwork, getting everything together, coordinating the moving team (our friends lol) while trying to write a book on top of it all. In June/July.

I actually had to "force" myself to listen to Christmas carols in July through my headphones so I could *get in the mood* to write this Christmas novella. :P I think it turned out pretty good, all things considering. :D



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