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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A "Regal" Pain in the Neck

I just wrote Regal Cinemas Corporate a nasty-gram.

Maybe not as scathing as I would have LIKED to have written, but I wrote them a letter nonetheless. Why? Well, DH and I took the kids to see Fred Claus today, which surprisingly, was a good movie. You know you're a sap when a movie like "Fred Claus" can make you cry. lol

Anyhow, my crying is not the point. I'll let my nasty-gram tell you the story. And I'll keep you updated if/when Regal Cinemas ever get in touch with me regarding this issue. Believe me, I left them with my address, my email, and my phone number, so they better damn well get back to me. I don't necessarily care about "compensation", (ie, free movie tickets or whatever), but just acknowledgment that SOMETHING will be done about this matter.

Without further adieu:

I took my family to see "Fred Claus" Saturday Nov. 17th. After watching the movie, myself and my two young daughters, aged 8 & 7, had to use the restroom. Upon entering one of the stalls, I found no toilet paper. I went to another stall, and there was no toilet paper in there either. In the FIFTH stall I checked, there was half a roll left, and at this point, I was highly frustrated. My oldest daughter had finished and was washing her hands while my younger daughter mentioned there was no paper in her stall. This was stall #5 without toilet paper, as the first four I'd checked didn't either. When I was finished, I handed her some toilet paper under the door. I asked my older daughter if there had been toilet paper in her stall. She said no, she just did her business without wiping. That would be stall #6 without toilet paper. After experiencing such shock at the lack of toilet paper, I heard a stranger in a stall I hadn't checked ALSO lament that there was no paper in HER stall. #7.

I wanted to check the other stalls, but by this time, I was so upset that I went to find a manager. His excuse? They knew they were out of toilet paper and they had someone going to another "location" to pick up more.

My husband was upset as well, mentioning they should put up a sign on the empty stalls, and the manager looked at him as if he'd never thought of that solution, and said, "Good idea."

This appalled me, mainly because it was Saturday morning, and if Friday night had been so busy, then you'd think the cleaning staff Friday night would have seen there was no toilet paper for the morning. And not only that, there was a SPECIAL EVENT going on at this theater this morning, that included some "fun time" for the kids in lieu of the release of the "Magic Emporium" movie, with a miniature bounce house and some kiddie bowling, not to mention two Marines in full dress uniform handing out raffle tickets. Imagine my disdain in knowing this theater was so poorly maintained that NO ONE on the night shift even THOUGHT to go to this "other location" and obtain the toilet paper before the event the next morning.

I wouldn't have been so angry if it had just been one or two stalls that had been out of toilet paper. But SEVEN stalls (that I know of), out of about twenty stalls, without toilet paper is unacceptable, especially when my young daughters cannot go to the restroom without soiling themselves. Thank goodness they didn't have diarrhea! I shudder to think of what poor woman did her business only to find she could not cleanse herself. It is not only unprofessional, but unsanitary, and even though we complained to the management, I felt they did not handle the situation in the manner it should have been handled. There is a huge grocery store right across the street--they could have bought ANYTHING just to have SOMETHING on hand while waiting on a toilet paper delivery from another location. If an employee had done that, I might be writing you a letter of praise instead of one of complaint. Having toilet paper is more than a courtesy, it is customer service, and if Regal et al. wants my family and all my friends to continue going to that theater, I expect there to at least be toilet paper in every stall, so that my children can go to the bathroom and not have to worry about soiling their panties.





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