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Friday, November 16, 2007

Becka's Man of Hotties' Past & Book Chat

Today, I'm chatting with my fellow authors, Beth Williamson and Melissa Schroeder on the Samhain Cafe Yahoo Loop. We're posting excerpts and giving away free downloads today. You do NOT want to miss this chat! What are we yakking about? Our latest anthology, Leather & Lace, of which HIGH NOON is a part. :D And in honor of HIGH NOON, I thought I would give you the inspiration behind Talon, Mr. Jay Tavare.

Jay Tavare's HotW Page

Now, you might recognize Jay, not only because he was one of my previous hotties, but because he was also featured on my HotW Rewind a few months ago. Yup, this is his THIRD time being showcased here. But it's not without reason. I think Mr. Tavare is, perhaps, one of the hottest Native Americans I have EVER laid my eyes on.

Who better to choose for Talon's inspiration? :P

Enjoy the Man of Hotties' Past and come join me for some good times today!



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