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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #26 - 13 Things I Have Always Wondered...

Okay, folks, I know I haven't done a T-13 in a LOOOONG time, over a month. :( But today, I'm back and better than ever (until after Thanksgiving, because let's face it, I'm gonna be piggin' out next week. WORD!)

Aside from the fact that my newest book, HIGH NOON, an historical Western romance, has been released in eBook (it's only a novella, folks, you can read on the computer for an hour or two. :P):

/shameless plug

Here are 13 things I've always wondered about:

1.) What the hell sense does the explanation, "The grass is green because it reflects every color except green, therefore, it is green" MEAN, exactly? That's the kind of weird circular logic that ties my brain in knots, folks.

2.) Why is Native Americans' skin so much DARKER in old timey pictures than it is today? Have the Indians of today had their bloodlines "watered down" by the white man? Is it the quality of the black and white film? Or were they merely tanner than today's Native Americans because they were always outside in the sun?

3.) Before blogs, websites, podcasts, MySpace, Yahoo/Google groups & basically the Internet in general, how did authors promote their books?

4.) And on that note, how can we be such a tech-saavy society when everyone I know (who isn't married to me) barely knows how to turn on their computer?

"What did the error message say, exactly?"
"I don't know, I just clicked on "OK".

5.) Why do people get so pissed off when you bring up Jesus, but have absolutely no problem talking to you about ANY OTHER RELIGION on the planet? Even the hostile ones?

6.) Who are "they"?

7.) Further, where are these "studies", "surveys", & "statistics" posted?

8.) Who actually LICKS a Tootsie Roll Pop?

9.) Why couldn't the mucky-mucks in South Carolina pull the sticks out (if you know what I mean) and allow Stephen Colbert on the Democratic ticket? I'm tellin' you right now, I bet a WHOLE lot more people woulda voted come election day. Think about THAT, pundits.

10.) Is my favorite color rose pink or lavender purple?

11.) Why do people constantly ask me if all these kids....are mine? No, you moron, I run a Day Care and frequently take other people's kids on a "field trip" to the grocery store -- of course their all mine!! **SMACK**

12.) If we can't digest corn, then why are these corn chips making me fat?

13.) Why can't Creationists and Evolutionists come to a compromise and admit that yeah, they BOTH might be right?


There you have it. Thirteen questions I've asked myself. :P



At 10:37 PM , Blogger Terri said...

I've wondered some of the same things. Who are "they" for example. I would like to know, too.

At 11:08 PM , Blogger Coco said...

They said that everyone wonders about the same thing ;P

At 11:19 PM , Anonymous MissMeliss said...

I've bookmarked your site to check out your ebook when it's not 1:30 in the morning. Congrats on publication.

And great TT.

At 2:32 AM , Blogger Hootin'Anni said...


And I've always asked the same question. MANY times!!!! Just WHO ARE "THEY"

At 4:56 AM , Blogger Raggedy said...

"You know what "they" say..."
"They" refers to the masses of those who are among the pop culture. "They" quote sayings of individuals who could put complex events in to understandable context; believing that what "they" have just quoted would justify an event or action which had just occurred.
"They" may also refer to the government or society at large, such as when a paranoid conspiracy theorist proclaims "They're out to get me, man" or "They're watching me right now."
Can you believe that was in Wikipedia?
Now we know who THEY are..tee hee
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

At 6:09 AM , Anonymous Deb said...

Nice Thursday post! I hope you are having a good one! Come check out my blog! I just posted my Thursday Thirteen with a few add-ons!

At 6:23 AM , Anonymous Yen said...

I'm glad you are back posting:) And yup, why on your #12~ :) Great lists!
Mine is up here;
Yen's TT
Happy TT!

At 11:40 AM , Blogger Sassy Lucy said...

roflmao....good questions, love the who actually licks a Tootsie roll pop.
Congrats on the novella

At 2:27 PM , Blogger The Gal Herself said...

These are so funny! I especially like #10. It reminded me of a 64 count box of Crayolas! (Thanks for visiting my TT)

At 9:02 PM , Anonymous Nicholas said...

Congratulations on the ebook. Re #5, my experience is the exact opposite!

At 10:15 PM , Anonymous damozel said...

SO with you on Colbert...congrats on the ebook; how wonderful. Who are "they" indeed?

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Holly said...

I always wondered if "they" were distantly related to "I dunno" and "not me".




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