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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dammit! I Already Used the "Baked" Pun...

"You brought buns and you did not tell me?!?"

Okay, folks, seriously, if you know the movie from whence the above quote came, you get 1,000 Becka points -- and some respect.

But aside from the "punny" movie quote, I'm blogging about food. More specifically, baking said food. You see, the fam and I are going to Salem on Thanksgiving, to my sister's house. Because my sister hates me for some reason, DH and I have always had to bring our own pecan pie. Oh, pumpkin and apple make it to the table, but never the pecan. Favorite. Pie. Evar.

Seriously folks, apple? APPLE?? Who the heck eats apple pie on Thanksgiving? Sure, it's an American pie on an American holiday yadda yadda. But traditional Thanksgiving fare has always been the double p's - the P-Squared if you will. P/P? No, that's just fricken' wrong.

PUMPKIN and PECAN people, pumpkin and pecan. What do I gotta do to get some pecan action on my holiday? I've got to make it myself, that's what I gotta do. So tomorrow, I am making a pecan pie from scratch with homemade flaky crust (yum).

Aside from the pecan pie snafu, my family never has any whipped cream on hand. NEVAR. What the heck? You have a bajillion APPLE pies on Thanksgiving, at least you can have some %$*@# Cool Whip! Therefore, I bought 6 extra tubs of the stuff (there will be a lot of people there who love pie with their Cool Whip). So, that's covered.

But get this. There is one member of my sister's extended family who loves to bring deviled eggs to any pot-luck gathering. Right on, right? Well, we ALWAYS run out. I don't know what it is about my family, but a plateful of deviled eggs gets devoured within about 5 minutes from appearing, with the plate licked clean enough to be placed back within the cupboard.

Therefore, I'm making a "back-up" stash. I even asked my sister if her sister-in-law would be "offended" or "saddened" that I stepped on her toes, sorta speak, because SHE'S the one always bringing the eggs. I say girlfriend better buy another couple dozen eggs if she doesn't want anyone encroaching on her territory. LOL "Deviled Eggs To Feed Them All..."

On top of all THAT, I've got to make rolls for 20 people. Well, 15 adults and 5 small kids. Assuming the small kids will only eat one roll, if I make enough for each adult to have at least two (better safe than sorry), we're talking 35 rolls. That's about three batches of rolls, homemade. My sister didn't have this covered, if you can believe it. What kind of Thanksgiving FEAST is it without the rolls? I mean, even if you don't eat them all during the dinner, or even if they don't get passed around at all... Uhm... Leftovers? You know, those yummy little turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sammiches you make around 7pm?

So yeah, I decided if I was going to be responsible for bringing stuff, I'd at least homemake them. I could have bought rolls at the store or a pecan pie, even. But even with all the strange idiosyncrasies my family's got, I still love 'em, the big lugs. And let's face it. It's not like I can trade them in for upgrades.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Until we meet again after the holiday weekend!

(or during, because we're going to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving *tradition in our family - we cut down our own from a tree farm* and I might have something cool to blog about our tree).

Dear Lord. The kids just went trick-or-treating and now we're getting a CHRISTMAS TREE?!? One of these days, I'm going to wake up and be 80 years old and think to myself, "Life comes at you fast..."




At 7:22 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

At 6:07 AM , Anonymous Michelle Cary said...

Yep, sounds like your family and my family should get together. Just add homemade egg noodles to that list (there's never enough) and you have Thankgiving or Christmas dinner with my strange and wacky crew! Belated Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you had lots of Pecan pie! *g*

At 11:37 PM , Blogger Becka said...

Well, the pecan pie was delish, even if I am the only one eating it (there's still enough for two more slices lol).

And it's a good thing I made deviled eggs, too, as that family member I told you about who always brings them? Yeah, she was too sick to come by. O.O My sister told me at like 11pm Wed. evening she wouldn't be coming and could I make some more so they wouldn't run out? Gee, thanks, sis. lol I was entirely too lazy to go to the store at that hour, so I just scrounged up the last remaining 8 eggs in my fridge and boiled them before going to bed.

Thankfully, we did NOT run out of eggs the next day. Yay! AND, my sister made her scrumdiddlyumptious cheese ball. MMM...

And my brother-in-law lubbed my rolls. :D I took the dough made in my bread machine, rolled it into a big log, cut it into pieces, then took those pieces and rolled them into logs as well, and then curled in each end the opposite direction, so that the rolls came out looking like fancy "S"s. Very chic. Very yummy.

However now, I'm stuck with a load of Cool Whip. Lots of people left shortly after eating, claiming they had to "make rounds" at other TG get-togethers.

What the hell, people? I'm "thankful" you get to spend a 1/2 hour with me?? Thanksgiving is a DAY event, not a game of musical chairs! lol

Back in my day, you'd schedule one Thanksgiving one place, and the next year, you'd go to the other place. Nowadays, you gotta go table-hopping. Hmpf.

If y'all want me to table hop, you better have a darn good reason for me to waddle my tired, turkey-laden butt to your place, like a stack of $50's, perhaps. Or the promise of fame and fortune.

Otherwise, yer just gonna hafta wait until next year. And if you get your panties in a knot, ain't nothin' stoppin' you from table-hopping at MY place.


At 7:49 AM , Anonymous Lisa said...

Throw the cool whip in the freezer, it will keep till Christmas! :) :)


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