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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Becka's Random Pic of the Day

Well, I haven't done a random pic in a long time. I decided to see what popped up under "dragon shifter". As we all know, shifters are HOT in romance right now, be it werewolves, big cats, birds, or dragons. Since I love dragons, I wanted to see what kind of pics I could find.

This is what popped up.

That is fricken' awesome. For those of you who may not know what you're looking at right off the bat, that is a brushed metal stick shift ball for your manual transmission car. HAWT!!

It's no secret that I love stick-shifts, but you might not know it, since I don't think I've talked about it much. I love the power and control a stick gives you, especially driving in the snow. An automatic is easier, granted, but I love sticks. I wish more luxury cars were sticks. Why can't you buy them? It's discrimination, I tell you! You only get a stick on the "sportier" cars. Can't find a Nissan Maxima in a stick, for instance. What's up with that? Maybe they can't sell them. Maybe people who want luxury wanna be lazy too. Dunno.

But since we all know how much I love dragons, having this shifter ball on my manual stick would rule. Of course, I don't have a stick right now.




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