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Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Epic Disney Hat

Well, I told y'all I'd take pictures of this bad boy and show you my Epic Disney Hat. Yup, it's capitalized, that's how epic this hat is. LOL I have 17 Disney pins on it and I kid you know, this beeyatch must weigh between 2-3 pounds. You'd think the little pin backs would hurt my head, but in all actuality, I didn't feel them at all. They're small rubber backs, so they didn't dig into my scalp.

Most "normal" people buy Disney pins and put them on a lanyard, a ribbon-like necklace thingy which they then trade with either castmembers or other guests (they trade the pins, not the lanyards. LOL). Well, I thought the lanyards were lame and I didn't want to trade the pins I bought, even though I was asked on one occasion if I would trade.

Here are the pics, and I'll give you stories behind the pins.

First, the front:

Isn't it a cool hat regardless of the pins? My friend Val found (and bought) this hat and the moment I saw it, I wanted one for myself. So we had matching hats throughout the vacation, however, hers was sans pins. LOL

First, we have Jiminy Cricket, who is the "unofficial" mascot of Disney World and Disneyland, aside from Mickey himself. Whenever you hear or see a show about making a wish or dreaming a dream, it's usually Jiminy's voice you hear. He was also a pin I didn't see in every shop, so since he was somewhat of a rarity, I snatched him up. The pink sword was bought by my DH. It says "A pirate's life for me". :) The Mike and Sully pin I bought because A.) I love Monsters Inc. and B.) I hadn't seen this pin in other shops, so grabbed it because it was different than the "same ol".

Here is a pic of the right side of the hat. First, is pirate Mickey in a Pirates of the Caribbean pin. It was so cool, I had to have it. Then of course, old skool B&W Mickey. Awesome. The villain pin is one of my favorites and I have a close up of it if you scroll down a bit. The round one is the "cursed pirate gold" that was in the first Pirates movie, "Curse of the Black Pearl" and the blue one on the bottom was a pin for Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster DH bought me. :) And who could forget the awesome Maleficent?? She is my favorite villain, in part, because I LOVE Sleeping Beauty. It's my favorite Disney film. But also because she shifts into a bad-ass dragon in the end and she's also the climax in the show "Fantasmic!". :)

Here, you see the two princesses I have on my hat: Sleeping Beauty (see above) and Jasmine, along with a pin that says "Princess". I chose Jasmine because I love her too, but also because you can't find Jasmine anywhere at the pin keosks. She was definately rare at the park, and I wanted to have her. My name was actually stitched onto the hat at the Christmas shop in Downtown Disney, a "mall-like" shopping area totally outside of the parks. It was the only place we could get our hats stitched, because the Mad Hatter in the park didn't stitch "billed" hats. They only did the Mickey ears. We had to take the billed hats to the Christmas shop of all places, but it's cool, because our names are actually embroidered instead of merely stitched.

In this picture, you can see the pin I bought for Disney World in general, and one for Crush from Finding Nemo. We went to see "Turtle Talk with Crush", a show with a cartoon Crush on the screen that actually TALKS to you and responds to your questions flawlessly. His mouth moved in perfect time to his words and he was just a cartoon! The interface, whatever they used, was AWESOME. My daughter got to ask him a question. She was on cloud nine. For the rest of the trip. We talked like Crush. Totally. Ch-yah! LOL Then there's my Fantasmic! pin DH bought for me, and one of my favorite pins, a Mickey head made of curling dragons. You all know my fascination of dragons, so I HAD to have that pin. Details of it is below. I'm not sure if that pin is for Tokyo Disney like my good friend Damon thought, or if it was in honor of Mulan. It's definately not "Mushu", the dragon from Mulan, so I think it's a Mickey head from Japan. Awesome.

Here's the dragon Mickey head in detail. Isn't it awesome?!?

A better pic of the Fantasmic! pin.

Who could forget the adorable Stitch?? :D I got this pin because I thought the pin was adorable, but also because we ate at a fabu restaurant called "Ohana's" in the Polynesian resort. If you have a chance, EAT HERE!! It's an all you can eat buffet, but you never leave your table. They bring you the food right to your table, you never order a thing. Just sit down and instant food. Steak, turkey, sausage... all cooked over an open flame with cheesy scalloped potatoes, shrimp, salad with honey-lime dressing, veggie stir-fry, chicken wings with a tangy sauce... There was a lot more I'm missing, I'm sure, because we went to Ohana's twice. We loved it so much, DH took pics of us with our servers. :P Anyhow, if you've watched "Lilo & Stitch", you'll know that "Ohana" means family, and family means no one gets left behind! :P How could I leave behind such an adorable Stitch pin?

Detail on one of my favorite pins, the villain pin. You have the demon from Fantasia in the background, Jafar from Aladdin, Frolo from Hunchback, Hades from Hercules, the evil wolf from The Three Little Pigs cartoon, I believe, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, and I forget his name from Pocahontas.

And possibly my most favorite pin, my Maleficent pin. This shows her on her turret in her witch form, and then behind her shows her dragon form. When I bought this pin, I also bought a plushy Maleficent dragon toy for my desk. I told my DH, "I don't care if you think it's stupid, I'm buyin' the damn thing!" He didn't say a word. :P

So there you have it, my Epic Disney Hat. Yes, I did wear it throughout Disney World with all the pins on it. But that's really the only place I would wear it like that. I'm going to buy a corkboard to put all the pins on so I can wear my nekkid hat about town (since I paid to have my name stitched on it LOL), and I'm also fixin' to peruse Oh yes, there's a WEBSITE!! :D

The cool thing about buying all these pins and hats and plushy Maleficent dolls was the fact that our friend Damon works for Disneyland and got me a sweet 35% discount every time. :D Never paid full price. That's probably a good thing... LOL



At 8:30 AM , Blogger FRIGGA said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know I posted the answers to last Thursdays Yes or No Q's. It's up at Any Apples

At 2:01 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

I love those! Esp. the Mickey Dragon one, that is totally awesome.


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