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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It Should Be Made into a Movie

You listening Hollywood?? :P Check out this sweet review for THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE:

"The Good Bits" Snippet:

"So people a 9 on 10 is my rating for this tale and if there is a moviemaker out there this story is just crying out to be put on the big screen to rival Narnia, Eragon, the Lord of the Rings and all the other fantasia films that graced the silver screens."

WOW! My jaw is still on the floor. Many thanks to Raakhee from Road to Romance for such a glowing review! **sniffle**

Click on the book cover to see this book's page on Samhain Publishing's website. And don't forget, the second book in the series, THE WOLVERINE AND THE JEWEL, is releasing on May 15th! Only a few days away. I'm so excited!

~~Becka :D


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