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Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm Done!

HIGH NOON is finished! :D This is a Western novella I've been working on for Samhain Publishing's Western anthology, LEATHER AND LACE, due out in November sometime. This has been such a relief, as this story was weighing heavily on me, even though it's just barely over 20K at 20,600. That's nothing, really. But I have two *other* books I need to finish, longer books, and getting this one done and out of the way was very important.

Not to mention FUN to write a Western again! It's been well over a year since I've written a Western, so I loved every minute of it.

Now I'll be able to jump into my other projects with a little less stress. I think you'll love Talon, my Comanche hero. I tried to give him as much emotion as I could in such a short book. Hopefully, I accomplished what I wanted. It was hard to write such a short story again. I had to remember the pacing is faster in a short novella. But I read through it and it doesn't seem to jar me from scene to scene.

I've passed it on to my crit partner, so we'll see if she has any suggestions. But since it's not due until June 1st, I'm going to let it simmer for awhile before I jump in with any revisions. I've GOT to get Wade's story done. Don't want to disappoint the fans! :)

Here's HIGH NOON's blurb if you want to know exactly what it's about:

Banning, TX 1872

Alison Williams has loved Talon Holt most of her life. But he broke her heart when he left town five years ago. When Alison’s father, Jed, suddenly loses a round of poker to the notorious gambler, Garrett Sumrall, he’s lost much more than his life’s savings. He’s bet Alison’s hand in marriage!

Andrew “Talon” Holt is a full-blooded Comanche Indian. Saved from a massacre as a young boy and raised as a white man, Talon feels no matter where he goes, he will never fit in. Upon hearing the news of Jed’s gambling debt, Talon returns to Banning, determined to save Alison from her cruel fate. Sumrall refuses to back down, and Talon suddenly finds himself challenged to a gunfight at high noon.

Winner takes all.



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