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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4 ~ Becka's WIP's

Today, I'm posting 13 of my WIP's or "Works in Progress" for those of you not in the "know". I am a romance author, and therefore, I have many ideas in the works, but who knows when you'll actually get to see them published... :P I'll start with the books you'll most likely see first, followed by the books you might not see for a few years.

1. THE WOLVERINE AND THE FLAME ~ The third book in my Legends of Mynos series, this book is about Sir Ethan of Krey, the promise he made to protect the twin sister of his best friend, and the evil Dragon's Flame, a red gem that twists the mind of any and all who touch it. (Samhain Publishing ~ Fall-ish)

2. NATURE OF THE B*E*A*S*T* ~ This book is the third book in my B*E*A*S*T* series, about Wade McAllister, a shifter (cougar) who wants nothing but revenge on the man who made him, but falls for the man's beautiful daughter along the way. (Champagne Books ~ late summer/fall-ish)

3. HIGH NOON ~ A western, about a full-blooded Comanche Indian who's raised as a white man after a massacre killed his entire village. The the father of the woman he loves lost her hand in marriage in a poker bet, and now it's up to the Indian to fight for her honor in a duel at High Noon. (Samhain Publishing ~ November-ish)

4. ONCE A DREAMER ~ The first in a continuity series from Champagne Books, about girls who rode the Orphan Train. My book is about a young, Russian immigrant who eventually ends up in "lawless" Dodge City. She finds she's an "heiress", and seeks refuge from her "money hungry" adoptive "parents", only to fall into the arms of a notorious swindling gambler. (Champagne Books ~ January 2008-ish)

5. KINDRED ~ A novella about an every day woman who finds out she's not human--she's a dragon shifter. Not only that, she's been betrothed since birth to the Crown Prince of the land of Dragoran, and her grandmother's old standing mirror is the gateway into this lush, magical world. (Champagne Books ~ late summer 2008-ish)

6. RIDIN' SHOTGUN ~ A "sequel" of sorts to IN YOUR ARMS, about Shirley Bloom, the shrew-ish sister to Lissa Bloom. She meets her match in a man known as Luke "Shotgun" Austin and suddenly finds herself in the middle of a "shotgun" wedding. But her new husband is accused of a crime he didn't commit and is set to hang. Shirley is the only one who can save him. Even if he is the most annoying man on the planet. (Champagne Books ~ Someday)

7. HIS LADY'S DELIGHT ~ A high seas historical circa 1780, a man agrees to allow a woman passage across the sea in exchange for some "carnal pleasures". He agrees to a "sham" wedding in order to get the heroine into his bed, only to find out his "sham" was not a sham at all. Once they reach port, he must decide whether divorce is truly an option. (No home)

8. KINGDOM OF DREAMS ~ A fairy princess looks into the Spring of Dreams in the land of Faeyn to see the face of the man she will marry. She assumes he's some kind of strange prince, but in fact, the man is a regular joe, a contractor from Arizona, who's suddenly whisked away into this magical place. All he wants to do is return home, but when his princess "wife" is kidnapped by goblins, he needs to make a choice--will he choose his old, lonely life, or a chance at becoming king of Faeyn? (No home)

9. HER SCOUNDREL'S HEART ~ Futuristic romance involving a wealthy conglomerate's daughter, who is trying to smuggle her brother much needed supplies to the quarantined moon of Titan. During her business deal with the "space pirate" who'll smuggle the goods for a price, her ship is destroyed by the UCE (United Colonies of Earth), and now they are on the run. Someone doesn't want those supplies to reach the plagued moon, and the hero and heroine endeavor to find out why. (No home)

10. DESERT DREAMS ~ A present-day woman falls back in time to the Saudi desert and/or Persia circa 1805, where she meets a handsome sheikh and falls in love. But he has a secret, and his enemies will gladly kill the woman he loves in order to keep that secret intact. However once she is pulled back to her own time, how will she go on living without him? (No home)

11. SURRENDER TO ME ~ A tentative Medieval about an arranged marriage between hero and heroine. The hero is bitter and claims he will never love the heroine, and only wishes to make an heir with her. But she's loved him most of her life, and this breaks her heart. The hero's heart had been broken long ago by another woman. Can his new wife heal the wounds that run so very deep? (No home)

12. SUMMER'S WARM EMBRACE ~ A contemporary "feel-good" book about a woman and a man who are fed up with their lives and find themselves--and each other--on a farm, with the very obvious match-making farmer's wife. :P (No home)

13. UNTITLED ~ It bugs me not to have a title, but this one doesn't. A modern day western, about a woman who's casually dating a man and meets his family, only to fall head-over-heels for his brother. The brother just happens to be the same man she shared a kiss with a few years back, and their attraction is magnetic. But when the man she's dating pops the question in front of the family, she's speechless, and of course, her silence is taken as acceptance, and she finds herself engaged to the wrong man. (No home)

There you have it. Thirteen of the ideas I'll be working on in the months/years to come. :)



At 10:49 AM , Blogger Michelle Pillow said...

LOL I don't even want to see my WIP list


At 10:50 AM , Blogger AGK said...

It's so hard to have this kind of mind, isn't it!

At 11:06 AM , Blogger mandymroth said...

Can you come over and organize mine?

At 11:53 AM , Blogger Annie said...

What a list of ideas. Not being a writer, it's so foreign to me to conceive of having so many stories in your head! Hope you enjoy working on each of them!

At 11:53 AM , Blogger Kristin said...

That's quite a list of WIP. I have one just as long, only with craft projects!

Looks like some good things coming down the pike!


At 12:54 PM , Blogger Denise Patrick said...

Becka, you're unreal. But many of those sound truly delicious, so I'll have to keep checking back to find out when they make it in print.

At 1:57 PM , Blogger Lady G~ said...

My goodness!!! I would SO read ALL of them. Great list!


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