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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Becka's Random Pic of the Day

Whew, sorry I've been so long in updating my Babble blog y'all, but I've been so danged busy these past few days. A lot has happened... My book THE B*E*A*S*T* WITHIN won "Honorable Mention" in the Golden Rose Awards for Best Paranormal Romance of 2006 (which means it didn't win the award, but got runner-up. Cool!!)

Not only that, but yesterday, I also won the coveted Author of the Year award from Champagne Books for outstanding achievement in excellence for all the hard work I do promoting and chatting and mentoring, etc. This one was a biggie. This award is like winning the "Best Picture" Oscar. LOL I was so floored and stunned that I'm still smiling about it. Now, I have a sweet writing credential that shows other publishers that Champagne Books chose me over all their other authors as the example to strive for.

Am I bragging? HELL YES!! LOL Seriously, folks, even though I've won a few awards these past few days, I haven't let it go to my head. :) Getting awards is merely the icing on the cake. It's not why I strive to be an author. I just want to tell my stories and make some people happy along the way. If y'all want to recognize me for the stories I tell, I ain't gonna stop ya! ;D

But let's get to today's random picture. I wasn't even *looking* for the random picture when I stumbled across this. Anyone here old enough to remember the Unknown Comic? If not, he was a comedian who wore a paper shopping bag over his head with eye holes cut out. I particularly love this picture because he has a smaller lunch sack covering his Johnson. The official title of this picture:

"Unknown Comic Centerfold"

Whoever thought of this picture was a genius. LOL Thank you, whoever you are, for the laugh.



At 9:11 AM , Blogger Michelle Pillow said...

LMAO at the pic!



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