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Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm a Loud Laugher

Let's face it, I'm a loud laugher. I don't know when or why this happened, but I just woke up one day and I'd been cursed with my mother's cackle. Yes, alas, I cackle.

All through school, I was known as "the girl with the laugh". People wouldn't know my name, but if they were told that, they'd know who I was. I'm not kidding. I've always been the loudest, especially when I think something is *really* funny. And God forbid you get some alcohol in me. Whew!

I've been frequently told to tone down my laugh, but it's nigh impossible. Apparently whilst I'm cackling away, my ears also close up, because I am not struck with the apparent eardrum-shattering decible that my fellow chucklers complain about. Is this the same law of physics that makes someone with earphones on yell at you when their music is turned up? I do not know.

But a while back, DH and I went to a comedy concert held by Steven Wright. If you know him, then you'll know his deadpan humor, with quips such as "Last night, someone broke into my house and stole everything, replacing it with an exact replica."

Ahem. So I guess you have to be there for his humor to work, but he's a funny, funny guy. Well, during one of his jokes, I'd had one or two too many, and I was just cackling my wee heart out. The man STOPPED his bit on stage and STARED at me in the audience until I was done laughing. Of course by this time, I was crying and trying hard not to pee, this is how hard I was cackling.

I know on more than one occasion, I've embarrassed my DH with my loud laughter, but that's what makes me ME. At one time, I was ashamed of my own cackling, as I didn't want to sound like Roseanne. But now, I've embraced it, become one with it.

My name is Becka, and I'm a cackler. Get over it.



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