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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cold Cocked!

Now, before I get lambasted for having the *gasp* "C" word on my blog, for those of you who might not know **Becka lifts the rock you've been living under** being "cold cocked" means you've been punched in the face unawares.

Now, this little story takes place in the karate dojo on Cornelius Pass Blvd. here in good ol' Hillsboro, Oregon. It involves my 7 y/o and my 6 y/o and an instructor we'll call "Sifu Ben". So I don't know how to spell "Sifu", but apparently it means "teacher" in Japanese. I'm sure those of you in karate yourself can correct my spelling and any translation errors I may make.

Sifu Ben is a nice man. Handsome, caring, and truly loves what he does. And my girls just recently tested to get their advanced white belt, a white belt with a black stripe down the middle, which they have now attained. This means that they can now attend the advanced Kinder class with the older kids.

So they're learning the hammer chop, which is when your opponent comes at you with a closed fist over their head. They are also learning the outward block, which is... uhm... in layman's terms: sand the floor. If you get the reference, you get 1,000 Machio points.

Anyway. So one child does the hammer chop while the other does the outward block. Now, you'd think the one doing the hammer chop would the be the one to avoid, but oh no. You have vastly underestimated the enthusiasm of my 7 y/o's outward block. Instead of "outward" in a vague "sand the floor" motion, my child decided to block the chop . . . by cold cocking her sister.

There were a few parents in the room, and everyone did the collective **GASP!!** while crickets chirped, placing bets on how loud my 6 y/o can wail. She tried to hold in the tears, she really did, but once the dam broke, there was waterworks everywhere. She was crying, my older daughter was crying, even Sifu Ben was "shocked" and "awed".

Thankfully, my daughter does not have a black eye, despite the fact that you could hear the punch clear into the next room. It was a complete accident, as my older daughter didn't mean to punch her, but I think she was getting a little frustrated that she wasn't getting the hang of "sand the floor" and decided to take our her frustrations with a punch of her own.

The drama has now finally died down, but I thought to myself, "Self, you can't NOT blog this." So here it is. Poor kids.



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