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Friday, September 01, 2006

Ignorance is Bliss?

So I'm on this website called and I posted an article about my newsletter contest (details on my website). Anyhow, I posted this article to a few of my groups on Gather, including the Christian Writers group.

I got a comment on my article today about this woman who was seriously upset that I'd posted it there, because she'd joined my newsletter and read about me talking about my publisher, Samhain. She didn't understand how I could be writing for "Samhain" and then post the article in the Christian Writer's group.

Obviously this woman has no idea I write Inspirational romance.

She made mention that my group was into "witchcraft" and the like, simply because I mentioned I was published by Samhain Publishing!

At first I was upset, then I was amused, and now I'm shaking my head at this woman's ignorance.

I am a Christian as well, but I know that the people at Samhain aren't all into witchcraft. Perhaps some of them are pagans, I really have no idea. But according to the website, it says they were named "Samhain" after the Celtic new year, to signify "new beginnings" and also after the Irish word for "November", which also happens to be Samhain, the month in which this publishing company began doing business.

As I thought more and more about what this woman was saying, that I must be into witchcraft because I was pubbed with Samhain, then I must also be an alcoholic for being published with Champagne Books.

It's not only silly to think this way, it's very ignorant of the world around you. In this instance, ignorance is NOT bliss.

What's better than being a drunk and being a witch?

Why, being a drunk witch of course!

"Don make muh cash a shpellll on yoooo..."


**stumbles and falls over the table**




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