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Friday, August 18, 2006


Why am I WHHHEEEE-ing? I'll tell you why. I just bought tickets to a Michael W. Smith concert!

Michael who??


He's a Christian singer. I've been listening to him since 1988, when my best friend at the time brought over his concert (recorded in 1986) called "The Live Set". I listened to that tape until it wore so thin... LOL After that, I bought every single one of his albums. Needless to say, he's been around for a long time, but really doesn't look too worse for wear. He's actually a very handsome man. In fact, I just updated my MySpace page to play one of his songs if you want to go check it out. Even if you don't know who he is, you may recognize his voice. It's kinda nasally and scratchy; very distinctive.

Anyhow, why am I so excited? Well, I've never seen this guy in concert. The chance I had in school to go to Sacramento when I lived in Carson City with my youth group fell through because I had a broken ankle and didn't want to brave the drive and the crowds with crutches. After that, I kept looking for him to come to the west coast, but like most Christian singers, he stays to the east and midwest. :( And whenever he would come to our area, it was for Jesus Northwest, which is held in George, Washington (yes, there's a town called "George" in the state of Washington)... But that venue is soooo far away. I'm on the western coast of Oregon (well, relatively. I'm in Portland, inland about 50 miles.) George, Washington is in eastern-central Washington. B.F.E. Gorgeous venue, because you're literally on the Columbia River Gorge, but out in the middle of "where the hell am I?"

Well, MWS is FINALLY coming to Tualatin, a town about 15 minutes away, and I'm not passing it up. What's more, he's coming on October 9th, my birthday! So it's going to be a great night for me. I'm so happy! Been listening to the guy for 18 years (holy moly, that long?!?) and I've never once seen him in concert.

Those of you in the midwest/east coast who have seen him multiple times--I don't want to hear it. Talk to the hand. :P



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