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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear. God.

Too many hot men, so little time. And dammit, I'm married. :P

Here are my two obsessions of the summer. Wentworth Miller and Paul Walker.

Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame (much better with his hair :P)

Paul Walker of Eight Below fame

These two men are so fricken' hot that they make my eyes water just looking at them. LOL Paul's going to be the "hero" in the video for my upcoming western, RIDIN' SHOTGUN, the story of Shirley Bloom, Lissa's sister of IN YOUR ARMS with Champagne Books. Isn't he a hottie? Dang, I'm partial to blonds and he takes the cake. But Wentworth... Ah, there's something to be said about tall, dark and handsome as well. However, I do prefer him with hair.

Thought I'd give you ladies a thrill today. Enjoy the pics. :)



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